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  1. Forking this thread deserves several ❤️ 's ! *Thank you*.
  2. Yep, that's how I read it too. <sigh>
  3. Thanks to all for the warnings about the first few sentences 🙂. I only got this far before stopping - "What the brain does best is thinking. Evernote is most valuable not as a remembering tool, but as a thinking tool." I would counter with David Allen's line, "Remember, the important thing is to get stuff off your mind and into a trusted system". It's clear the participants in this thread have worked to find a way to trust EN in a way that works for them, freeing the mind for thinking. Perhaps I am paraphrasing Allen, "Stress comes from not being able to remember where your stuff is". I don't think well when I'm stressed.
  4. I had this experience on Chrome on standard web pages. I switched to firefox (65.0) and standard web pages are working. I have not tried a PDF.
  5. I had never heard it called that either, but I searched "Helper" and found - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067 - huh, go figure.
  6. While I dabbled with EN's templates when they first came out, I had been working with personal solutions similar to @gazumped That experience (and yours @Wvit) along with numerous better ideas on this forum leaves me extremely underwhelmed with this new "feature" and somewhat embarrassed for EN's "hype" around the functionality. Having said that, I do have a very small set of 3 EN templates that I do find useful on my iPhone. For desktop use, I find the method described above >> useful.
  7. Happy to hear that + and that comment alone has convinced me to give this a try this weekend.
  8. Thanks all for the great discussion. I am currently most like @CalS for those topic. I might use reminders more extensively if there was a bulk update for reminders (as there is for tags). If it exists, I have not seen it (I used both Windows and Mac Clients).
  9. That has been my experience as well. Here is a screen shot from my Windows client -- most current GA version as of today.
  10. I use the the method that @CalS mentions (notebook dedicated to Offline notes) and can attest to not having a note that I wish I had. I am using it for offline reading on my Kindle-mostly web clips using the "Simplified Formatting". Unfortunately, when synced with the Kindle the right and left margins get clipped 1-2 characters. Notes look fine on other platforms. I haven't had time to search Android forums or report a bug.
  11. email is 'undefined'..... Am I the only person who has lost this feature in the new Gmail? +1 - I also experience this behavior.
  12. I had done this previously (see screenshot). I had done this for Google Drive integration (which I have used). I did not know that I had also enabled Gmail contacts (that I just tried and is working). It appears you enable/disabled all the Google services behind this single feature toggle. I had not noticed as I do not use the EN Web interface that much and as documented the contact integration only works in the web interface.
  13. @pidloop -- sorry, I read too quickly. I am in agreement with @DTLow "For full MD support, you would want to switch to a dedicated editor." I am using Visual Studio Code free and available on both Windows and Mac (I used both) and the behavior is very similar on both. It includes basic markdown support along with plenty of extensions - https://code.visualstudio.com/Docs/languages/markdown
  14. A quick google search finds: Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Mac What are the keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows?
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