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  1. Yes there are long running topics covering this. While not specifically addressing the Mac version see either / both of the following: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/128904-app-performance-issues-slownesspoor-responsivenesslag/?do=findComment&comment=578084 https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/128972-app-performance-issues-slownesspoor-responsivenesslag/?do=findComment&comment=579319 I am personally running the legacy version on my Mac and version 10.x on a Windows machine. While the latter is slow, at times I am almost encouraged enough to run 10
  2. I too was missing / frustrated by this (lack of shortcut to a saved search). Then I found that typing the start of the name of the saved search in the search field shows the saved search in the suggested results. After getting used to that I find that I actually prefer this behavior. I spend time on both EN 10 and the Legacy version on two different platforms. I have found that in EN10, I can find all shortcuts much faster including ones that I did not create a shortcut for.
  3. I tried the web version. Find the tag that you would like to create a sub-tag (Look for "..." in the tags list) -> Create sub-tags. HTH
  4. On a Mac - Evernote -> Preferences. Look for the "Formatting" Tab. Windows - Tool -> Options. Select "Note".
  5. +1 on this topic ==>Overall, we're taking a system that has scaling issues and making it more robust. We're moving from a monolithic/sharded architecture to a microservice design That would have been a good line to add to the video to know that you are following this industry trend and give users visibility to this topic being a small step in a multi-year journey.
  6. Here, here. We should be willing to pay for services that make our lives better. (Full disclosure, I work in the SW industry). I hope (perhaps naively) it's not too late to put that genie back in the bottle in the Social Media space.
  7. Forking this thread deserves several ❤️ 's ! *Thank you*.
  8. Thanks to all for the warnings about the first few sentences 🙂. I only got this far before stopping - "What the brain does best is thinking. Evernote is most valuable not as a remembering tool, but as a thinking tool." I would counter with David Allen's line, "Remember, the important thing is to get stuff off your mind and into a trusted system". It's clear the participants in this thread have worked to find a way to trust EN in a way that works for them, freeing the mind for thinking. Perhaps I am paraphrasing Allen, "Stress comes from not being able to remember where your stuf
  9. I had this experience on Chrome on standard web pages. I switched to firefox (65.0) and standard web pages are working. I have not tried a PDF.
  10. I had never heard it called that either, but I searched "Helper" and found - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067 - huh, go figure.
  11. While I dabbled with EN's templates when they first came out, I had been working with personal solutions similar to @gazumped That experience (and yours @Wvit) along with numerous better ideas on this forum leaves me extremely underwhelmed with this new "feature" and somewhat embarrassed for EN's "hype" around the functionality. Having said that, I do have a very small set of 3 EN templates that I do find useful on my iPhone. For desktop use, I find the method described above >> useful.
  12. Happy to hear that + and that comment alone has convinced me to give this a try this weekend.
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