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  1. I have used the "Move Task" just for the purpose @PinkElephantmentions. Since a "Search for note" dialog appears after choosing "Move Task", one thing this topic got me to try that I had not before - searching by tag vs. note title or note content. No luck.... perhaps in a future release.
  2. Thanks @PinkElephant This is the key sentence that has me (Premium Subscription) ready to "roll up my sleeves" and figure out updates to my workflow with Tasks - "A subscription is only required for some advanced features of tasks, such as accessing tasks from the central Tasks view, setting a due date, or adding task reminders."
  3. My use case is simple. I added this to the my Quick Access in Windows Explorer / Favorites in Mac Finder. Drag & drop a file and presto - it's in Evernote. This feature was always lacking on the Mac Version. IMO this is yet another example of the wisdom of rebuilding the clients for a consistent UX across all platforms. Now if I could just get EN10 on my aging Kindle device...
  4. In one of the many videos Evernote produced about EN10, Ian Small interviewed one of their UX designers. They talked about this specific change at length. Personally, I wasn't a fan of the change either, but as @PinkElephant mentions, this is where EN will evolve from. I have developed the "muscle memory" of the shortcut keys (on both Windows and Mac) and now their location in the display is a non-factor for me. Was it an initial challenge - yes, but now I'm on to the next challenge. Speaking of the video with their UX designer, I shared that with the equivalent where I work. He was impressed with the data-driven approach to decision making. He (my colleague) internalized a statement made in that video, "Delivery velocity - the lifeblood of innovation".
  5. As am I. I have also used Evernote of as *the* example of doing so as the only path forward for a company of its size to innovate again.
  6. Sound advice - "Your mileage may vary". ==>Does the new Version (10.13) for Windows just work yet? My mileage - It just worked well enough for me to upgrade my Mac version - something I had resisted doing since EN 10 was first released.
  7. Yes there are long running topics covering this. While not specifically addressing the Mac version see either / both of the following: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/128904-app-performance-issues-slownesspoor-responsivenesslag/?do=findComment&comment=578084 https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/128972-app-performance-issues-slownesspoor-responsivenesslag/?do=findComment&comment=579319 I am personally running the legacy version on my Mac and version 10.x on a Windows machine. While the latter is slow, at times I am almost encouraged enough to run 10.x on my Mac. Almost - I have tolerated the slow performance, but I can't tolerate incorrect search results which I see occasionally enough to dampen enthusiasm for upgrading on the Mac.
  8. I too was missing / frustrated by this (lack of shortcut to a saved search). Then I found that typing the start of the name of the saved search in the search field shows the saved search in the suggested results. After getting used to that I find that I actually prefer this behavior. I spend time on both EN 10 and the Legacy version on two different platforms. I have found that in EN10, I can find all shortcuts much faster including ones that I did not create a shortcut for.
  9. I tried the web version. Find the tag that you would like to create a sub-tag (Look for "..." in the tags list) -> Create sub-tags. HTH
  10. On a Mac - Evernote -> Preferences. Look for the "Formatting" Tab. Windows - Tool -> Options. Select "Note".
  11. +1 on this topic ==>Overall, we're taking a system that has scaling issues and making it more robust. We're moving from a monolithic/sharded architecture to a microservice design That would have been a good line to add to the video to know that you are following this industry trend and give users visibility to this topic being a small step in a multi-year journey.
  12. Here, here. We should be willing to pay for services that make our lives better. (Full disclosure, I work in the SW industry). I hope (perhaps naively) it's not too late to put that genie back in the bottle in the Social Media space.
  13. Forking this thread deserves several ❤️ 's ! *Thank you*.
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