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  1. +1 to the two previous postings. They canvas well the great overall abilities of noting, then point out out the bubble burst when trying to publish them. I know Jack's got me watching for something coming soon, but perhaps new users could note this frustration when rating on the store? Some may not cough for premium until it's resolved ...
  2. Jack - Thank you sir! I can understand, and will be watching.
  3. How 'bout it Evernote team? Any updates for us? I posted about this on October 20th and had some hopes for a resolution by this time due to all the feedback others provided as Jackolicious requested. It's just about at the point now where I don't feel valued by the company based on the lack of any kind of update (whether a fix or a posting letting us know where this stands in development). Perhaps the time draws nigh for my pocketbook to consider becoming silent ...
  4. A second for Notatious D's comments. Particularly relevant in that EN should be more than "capturing data beyond text".
  5. Would it be possible to have this feature "customizable" by the user? This way we can choose how to have it brought to our device, rather than Evernote having to decide (and possibly alienate some users) which option is best?
  6. Jackolicious, We appreciate that everyone's comments are read and are taken into consideration. The problem that I'm having with this (and I sense others are as well) is that we are not getting any other response than that. Could you let us in on how this request is poised in the "consideration queue"? If it stands at just that (a "consideration") simply say so. If it's actually being developed that would help quell some of the welling feelings of ill will. Thanks for the consideration.
  7. It would behoove the Evernote development group to read the comments posted and act. This feature has been asked for for quite a long time, and with good reasons for it's implementation. I too am frustrated at the inability to view the full image while looking at the rest of the Evernote document. I've worked daily with public safety software software vendors for 19 years and seen many of them fold because they focus their development on a target group or pet projects, while requests for the "mundane" features desired by day-to-day / rubber-on-the-road folks languish. Guess what? Eventually the higher-ups get tired of hearing about it, or make the call to move on when they see how productivity could be increased if these enhancements were made. I love Evernote for the most part. I also see a lot of other products out there that could accomplish the same thing. Is any one of the perfect. No. But is their company's response to user feedback better, less frustrating, more sympathetic, less focused on quick capital growth? My experience has shown (and the markets reinforce) that listening to your users (especially when they've been carping on topic for quite some time) that we can, and will move on. That's one of the reasons I no longer pay for a yearly subscription - just in case that one competitor catches my eye ...
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