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  1. This sort of behavior continues, sadly. Here is my experience, for the benefit of anyone who encounters the problem when updating to version 6: I install Evernote on my e: drive. (I'm running Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, happily.) It has been there through every update of version 5 that I selected (at least 6 of them). Each version 5 update was straightforward and went smoothly. Then came version 6. The installation SEEMED to go as smoothly as before, and after it finished I shut down my machine. When next I turned it on, my Evernote desktop icon was "blank" and the toolbar icon was missing. I checked my install location and there was nothing there. The program had been installed in c:\Program Files (x86). Following the guidance above, I uninstalled the program through the control panel, downloaded the installation executable for version 6.something, and reinstalled. The license agreement DID appear and the small print about changing installation options was there. Version 6 now sits where I want it, in e:\evernote. In a program as mature as Evernote, none of this should be necessary.
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