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  1. This sort of behavior continues, sadly. Here is my experience, for the benefit of anyone who encounters the problem when updating to version 6: I install Evernote on my e: drive. (I'm running Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, happily.) It has been there through every update of version 5 that I selected (at least 6 of them). Each version 5 update was straightforward and went smoothly. Then came version 6. The installation SEEMED to go as smoothly as before, and after it finished I shut down my machine. When next I turned it on, my Evernote desktop icon was "blank" and the toolbar icon was missing. I checked my install location and there was nothing there. The program had been installed in c:\Program Files (x86). Following the guidance above, I uninstalled the program through the control panel, downloaded the installation executable for version 6.something, and reinstalled. The license agreement DID appear and the small print about changing installation options was there. Version 6 now sits where I want it, in e:\evernote. In a program as mature as Evernote, none of this should be necessary.
  2. FIXED, finally This worked for me and allowed me to specify the desired installation folder (from the thread http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/19741-alternate-install-location/?locale=en): "When you start you[r] installation, after checking that license acceptance check box, you should see the "Advanced" button in the installer dialog. Click on this button to select additional installation options, including the installation location" .
  3. Forgot to say: I'm running Windows XP SP3 (quite happily) on the machine in question. . . .
  4. I just checked, and I probably can tell ScanSnap where Evernote is. But this is not the point. The point is, I should be able to put Evernote where I want it (as I was able to do when I first installed it), and any upgrades should not modify this without at least asking/telling me. FYI, I just reinstalled version 5, and used the Revo Uninstaller to remove it. It found and deleted several registry entries concerning Evernote. But even then, I could not install either version 4 or version 5 to my directory of choice--I was not given a choice. Then I went into the registry and manually changed several references to c:\program files\evernote\evernote (still there after Revo and not mentioned by it) to e:\evernote, but the unwanted behavior continues. I know that even the version 5 installer SHOULD offer a choice of installation locations, because (I just remembered) I recently put that version on a new computer with a fairly new install of Windows 7 but no previous Evernote installation, and I was able to put it where I wanted. What's more, an upgrade just today went exactly where it should have. So what is the problem going from 4 to 5, and why can I not, even after seemingly removing all traces of the program (except my data files, which I have on d:\Apdata\Evernote; Revo did NOT touch those) chose an installation location?
  5. THIS IS MORE SERIOUS THAN I THOUGHT: With Evernote no longer in my directory of original choice, the link between it and my ScanSnap seems to be broken--after scanning a document I get an error message from ScanSnap Manager "Failed to launch selected application. Make sure that the selected application is installed correctly." I surmise that ScanSnap Manager is looking for Evernote where it always did, i.e., where I put it originally. So either I reinstall my ScanSnap software, or I put Evernote where I want it. So, I tried moving Evernote: I downloaded the latest installation file, removed the application using Control Panel Add Remove Programs, and ran the installation executable. BUT I WAS NOT OFFERED A CHOICE OF INSTALL LOCATIONS; instead, the program picked for me the unwanted c:\evernote\evernote. I decided, therefore, to completely remove version 5 and reinstall my latest version 4. But now it too insists on using c:\evernote\evernote! I'm hoping this is because of some registry entries somewhere, and will be researching this further, but NONE of this should have happened in the first place. Please fix this. Please.
  6. I just got bit by this BUG myself (I consider it a bug, not a feature). My previous Evernote (version 4 with whatever upgrades were offered) was in e:\evernote, right where I want it and where I put it when I first installed the program. Every upgrade until last night's change to version 5 went into the same directory. Now for unknown reasons version number 5 is in c:\program files\evernote\evernote. I was not offered a choice of locations to install the upgrade. Sure, I can download the distribution file, uninstall the latest version, and reinstall it where I want it. But the upgrade should have respected my original install location and did not. This sort of behavior is something I am used to encountering only with lesser quality software.
  7. Convoluted, but it worked. Thanks, Scott. It certainly must be easier to remove the shortcut than it is to add it, and I don't see what harm its presence would do, so I hope future updates leave it for those who have it so they can continue with it being there and those who absolutely don't want it can delete it. (Or, why can't the update just sense whether it is there or not and act accordingly?) Anyway, thanks again.
  8. Several updates ago, the Windows Explorer context (right click) menu had a "Send to Evernote" option that could be used to put a file into the program (Start --> My Computer; browse to a file; right click; Send To --> Evernote). This very convenient feature has been absent for several months. Can we have it back? (FYI I am using Windows XP).
  9. It has been mentioned many times here that the folder ~\Evernote\Databases\Attachments holds temporary copies of attachments being viewed, that the permanent copy is stored in the myname.exb file, and that the folder ~\Evernote\Databases\Attachments can be emptied at will. However, I also have a folder ~\Evernote\Attachments, from which I have accidently deleted nearly every file. What are/were the files in the ~\Evernote\Attachments folder? I cannot find anything about this in the forum discussions. I have used a file recovery program and seem to have successfully undeleted at least most of the folder content, and I see items like somefilename.pdf, somefilename.pdf.eninfo, and somefilename.pdf.backup. Sometimes there are only somefilename.backup and somefilename.eninfo files, sometimes only somefilename.backup, and sometimes only somefilename.pdf. Do I need these files?
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