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  1. Thanks for your input. This is an on again/off again cronic problem that even a complete uninstall/reinstall does not seem to cure. There is an internet setting or add-on that apparently conflicts with the clipper anytime Evernote throws down "bug fixes." I spend more time troubleshooting Evernote than using it.
  2. It's windows vista, ie9. It's the clipper icon that appears in the ie menu bar as well as the send to in the right-click context menu.
  3. Sorry. I upgraded to Evernote 5 (EV7 was a typo)
  4. SEND to Evernote - the icon that appears on my MENU BAR, not the clipper that appears in the system tray - has never worked properly since upgrading to EV7. When I click the SEND icon, the options menu (the box that pops up allowing you to select which notebook, tags, add comments etc, is distorted and unusable. See the attached photo. I have tried changing the resolution on my laptop, nothing has worked. Has anyone else encountered this? A screen print of what results when I press SEND is included. --Christini
  5. I started having the same problem, but only when trying to SEND to Evernote from LinkedIn.
  6. I spent two days resolving this problem. In order for the 'SEND' button in the menu bar, and the 'ADD TO Evernote 5' to appear in the context menu of tools, you have to uncheck Enable Protect Mode in Internet Options:Security. This still does not resolve the missing 'ADD TO Evernote 5' in the right-click context menu. Enable Protect Mode is the default in IE9, a Windows update could have checked your box. In the past, EV may have unchecked 'Enable Protect Mode' during the installation process - I never noticef. They might have missed that step in the install process for EV5, however, I am skeptical about "my fix." In the past, I would have naturally checked 'Enable Protect Mode' in my Internet settings and I never had a problem with SEND to Evernote, therefore I am concerned about not having a secure browser. I submitted a ticket 4 days ago with screenshots, however, I never even received a confirmation let alone a response.
  7. This is exactly why I cancelled my Premium subscription. Yes I got a response within the "paid" time frame i.e., "we'll look into it" with weeks to resolution. I am crippled in Evernote since updating to EV 5.0. My entire process is based on storing full articles using "SEND to EVENOTE" which no longer works. I feel forever doomed to using Evernote/OneNote two-step.
  8. Windows Vista 32 bit Dell Latitude D630 I have the same issue since updating to Evernote 5. The SEND TO EVERNOTE icon in my menu bar returns "'We cannot establish with evernote application. Most likely you have 'Enhanced Protected Mode" and, the SEND option is missing from my right click context menu as well. Even though all the correct files appear in my directory, I deleted them and followed the steps in your post. The problem continues to exist. I have spent two days researching a fix.
  9. Ascending Sort Order for Notebooks To quickly put a notebook in alphabetical order: - Right click the notebook and select ADD TO STACK - Right click the notebook, now within the stack, and select REMOVE FROM STACK The note will be removed from the stack and placed in the correct order. This is much easier than logging off the ap and logging back in.
  10. @metrodon @jefito - I owe you big time for your help.
  11. @metrodon @jetfito: I owe you big for your help - thank you.
  12. Right click tray icon - no dice. And yes - I use notebook stacks with each sub-notebook treated like a section.
  13. LOL - I'm drooling over my daugher's MAC so hopefully I'll be saying the same in a few months. One question though - your instructions said to go to Tools and signout, then return to Tools and go to Options to open the data base. On a windows machine, once you sign out, you don't have access to the menu options. I had to go directly to the database folder and move the data base. Now - the last problem that I have to solve is Web Clipper and chosing between Evernote and One Note. EN seems like the no brainer, especially with the best syc and clipping features. But - I'm hung up on the ability to have notebooks with sections/folders/pages and haven't quite figured out how to emmulate that in Evernote. Regardless - I am back in business. Thanks again for your help.
  14. Yes - it worked. I have a lot of duplicates to resolve since I had to export unsynced notebooks and unsynced notes. But, everything is there and syncing just fine. I compared your instructions - word for word - with Evernotes. They are identical yet, your tag line says you do not work for Evernote. If so then how did you get these instructions? Have you experienced this problem before? Thank you for your help. Once again, for the record: none of the emails that Evernote sent to my personal email contained instructions for a fix. The compilations of the emails that Evernote deposited to my Evernote email ID did contain instructions which does not make sense since the date/time stamps on the ones with instructions (in Evernote) and the ones without instructions (in my personal email) are identical. Thanks again.
  15. Thank you both for your input and I apologize if my frustration is coming off as having a crappy attitude. Things are not always as they appear (you will see at the end of this note). Before that, I'd like to take a moment to clarify a few things: I have been using Evernote for a long, long time and have never, ever had a problem. I've always been amazed at how fast the sync is between desktop/web/iPhone. No complaints there and I have never needed support or more capacity so there has never been a need to upgrade to Premium. This sync problem came out of nowhere - originally returning an error message saying that the sync failed due to an issue on the server side. My first reaction to that was "oh my - wow." Regarding the multiple issues, I agree with you, however, Evernote's ticket system does not provide you with any way to follow up on an issue. After going for so long without resolution, I had no choice but to "open an issue to check on the issue". I don't see any way around this with their current system. Also, you will see then see that there are two issues after I paid for my subscription: - One ticket for the same sync issue opened as a new ticket and as a paid subscriber (with my old ticket no. now is the unpaid support que) - The second ticket was opened (to customer service) reporting that I had not received a response within the committed time frame. The curious thing is this - what I am getting is not what Evernote is sending and this became evident to me when I looked at the compilation that they dropped into my Evernote unfiled note folder. For instance, responses to Ticket #7660,Ticket #7191 (opened as premium) that arrived in my email were confirmations only - no instructions. The "duplicate" responses EN dropped in my EN account for these tickets (same date and time) contained the instructions. In other words, Evernote thinks they are sending me instructions for the fix, but I am only getting the system generated confirmations with the same date/time stamp as the responses with their instructions. Again - the drop in EN contained instructions, the emails to me contained only system generated responses and one stating that they are helping but getting filtered. They are not but some do end up in Spam since they come from 3 different userIDs, Evernote Corporation, Evernote Support and Evernote and not all variations were in my address book. Lastly - since I have been continuing to work in my database, sans sync, the majority of my notes are not synced to the web and they are critical - that is why EN's solution to recreate the database "down" from the web would not work for me. Also, their instructions did not include directions for exporting and reimporting synced notebooks, only directions for exporting and importing Local Only notebooks - so thank you very much for taking the time to detail that out for me. Hopefully - you'll reconsider the crappy attitude tag now that you understand that with all the missing pieces, how their responses seemed so random and "from out in left field to me hence, the frustration.
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