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Pebble + Evernote = PebbleNote

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Any Pebble users here? I am interested to develop an app that will push your evernote note as a watchface and is wondering if anyone would buy it. 

It will have a simple workflow - 

1) User search for the note

2) Select the note he wants

3) Edit 

4) Generate (done on a backend server) 

5) Install on watch. 


This will be done on iOS first

Comments anyone?


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It doesn't exist yet, so I'd be surprised if there were any users. I'm mildly interested, but I'm not terribly enthisiastic about all of this watch stuff yet, so maybe I'm unrepresentative.

I want all kinds of stuff like a minimalistic (fast) interface along the lines of notational velocity (Mac) or fastever (iOS) with the ability to use and edit offline notes, markdown support, batch operations on iOS, etc., etc. Watch faces are somewhere around the bottom of any list of stuff I'd like to see.

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I'm glad I'm not in the watch business. I hardly see anyone wearing a watch nowadays.

With the popularity of smart phones, watches have taken the same road as the buggy whip.

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I have to agree that I am seeing lesser and lesser people wearing a watch as their phone is a very expensive watch as it is!

Guess I will see what I can do with this then. Haha. 

Thanks for the feedback. I thought it might make a nice devcup material thought

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This is a great idea! I've just come online to see if there is a solution for this and basically no! (Unless using android) I am a big Evernote user and would love to view and delete all my Evernote notes on my Pebble! It would be great to see Evernote develop this idea

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