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  1. do you mean keying in the information? Adam4adam TutuApp AppValley
  2. I'm not terribly enthisiastic about all of this watch stuff yet, so maybe I'm unrepresentative. Redtube Beeg Spankbang
  3. I've got about ten pounds to lose. I have gained about 8 since last year, and apparently, sitting on my butt all day is not a good way to lose the weight HostGator DreamHost Bluehost
  4. They just started adding integration tools with Evernote so I can use the email feature and have my PDF's sent directly to Evernote. Adam4adam TutuApp AppValley
  5. have notebooks for page ideas, project life, quotes, and sketches. The page ideas and sketches are tagged by the number of photos in the layouts. HostGator DreamHost Bluehost
  6. I didn't even know about the notebook page. Adam4adam TutuApp AppValley
  7. Below that, the hamburger icon is open. I don't see log in anywhere.
  8. I first started observing it, and reported it, about a year ago. HostGator DreamHost Bluehost
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