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  1. As something that is related, Apptreme Studio is happy to announce their latest Evernote Integration! Are you an Evernote user? I am sure you have encountered the following: Keep your thoughts in Evernote to only find that you wont be able to get Evernote to auto retrieve it for you? Keep your notes in Evernote so that you can retrieve it for tomorrow, only to discover that you forget about it until the note is no longer useful Input your notes about some location but only to remember about the note after you left the place? While Evernote has a good and fast search engine inside it, it’s not really big on notification features - it does not pull your notes out and present it to you when you need it and where you want it. In fact, making To-Do’s and lists in Evernote is easy – but the hard part is getting them done. Often times, you need to open the app once or twice a day just to be reminded of things you need to do. With ERA, now you can! Introducing ERA : Evernote Reminder App! ERA is the first of its kind all that allow you to set time-based reminder, location-based reminder or both! With time-based Evernote reminders, ERA can inform you of a note of your choosing. It even allow you to create a recurring reminder so that you don't have to update them after the reminder is triggered, let ERA do the heavy lifting for you! With location-based Evernote reminders, ERA can inform you of a note when you arrive, depart from your location of your choice. Example of good use for this is to have your shopping list pulled out when you reached the super mart or to retrieve your to-do list after you leave the office so that you can tick those task that you have done! In built into ERA is the powerful search engine of Evernote, get your notes quickly using the search that you grow to love. ERA comes with a reminder list of all the Evernote reminders you have created.With this, ERA also doubles as a quick launcher for your evernote notes. The list is also separated the expired reminders from the active ones. This allows you to reschedule the expired Evernote reminders easily as they are filtered out. So what are you waiting for? Get ERA today! https://itunes.apple...d642134143?mt=8
  2. I have to agree that I am seeing lesser and lesser people wearing a watch as their phone is a very expensive watch as it is! Guess I will see what I can do with this then. Haha. Thanks for the feedback. I thought it might make a nice devcup material thought
  3. Hi, Any Pebble users here? I am interested to develop an app that will push your evernote note as a watchface and is wondering if anyone would buy it. It will have a simple workflow - 1) User search for the note 2) Select the note he wants 3) Edit 4) Generate (done on a backend server) 5) Install on watch. This will be done on iOS first Comments anyone?
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