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  1. Hi, I am the developer of ERA 2. It adds Reminders to your notification center. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/era-2-reminders-on-your-today/id944842377?mt=8
  2. Hi guys, As part of the holiday season, we are having a sale of 50% off! Do download using the link below: Link For those who bought, thank you!
  3. This app neato allows you to type a note to Evernote via widget Neato - Jot down note and save to Dropbox or Evernote with iOS8 widget by Mohammad Khoman https://appsto.re/sg/OEAG3.i
  4. Hi guys, my Evernote reminder widget app is up in the app store ERA 2: EN Reminders on your Today Screen by APPTREME STUDIO Do help support if possible https://appsto.re/sg/jAsu4.i
  5. Hi guys, Apple has approved our new app which is very userful for Evernote users. ERA 2: EN Reminders on your Today Screen Below is the app descriptions: Used your Evernote reminders for your GTD purposes? Keep a list of reminders but never really used them as they might been too long? Instantly glance Evernote reminders, without the need to open the Evernote app! Just pull down Notifications Center and your Evernote reminders will be there to remind you on your tasks! Want to create a new reminder? You can do so with only one tap in the fastest way possible. ERA 2 is the fastest solution to create,view and check your Evernote reminders yet; no fuss, no muss. ERA 2 has simplified reminder process to get it extremely fast and highly efficient. It helps remind you on the task you need to do instantly all at one glance. Make the most of iOS8 widgets and be reminded of your Evernote reminders as quick as possible. ERA 2 is always available in Notifications Center to help you store your small piece of information. With ERA 2 you can: • Create Evernote reminders simply and quickly via a touch of a button • View all your Evernote reminders without leaving your current app • Check off reminders that don't need reminding without leaving your app The best way to learn about ERA 2 is to try it. We are working hard; we have no purpose but the satisfaction of our users. We genuinely value your feedback. Below is the link to download the app. Do support us as we are evernote users ourselves and we hope that our app will make an impact in your lives as much as they do for us https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/era-2-en-reminders-on-your/id944842377?mt=8
  6. I am doing an widget that allows people to do the following: 1) Create new reminders 2) Show all reminders (with paging) 3) Access to original note 4) Check the reminder as done
  7. Hi, Please send us an email with your nike+ email for us to check to feedback@apptreme.com. Thanks!
  8. It bring us great news that EverKeeper is now number 2 on the Sports Category of the Japanese App Store. Do download yours now!
  9. We didn't think it will be so fast but our Japanese fans are praising EverKeeper! View the review here: http://translate.google.com.sg/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fpunksteady.com%2F2013%2F08%2F27%2Feverkeeper%2F&sandbox=1
  10. Are you an Evernote and RunKeeper user? Both platforms are built for its own purpose: RunKeeper is to keep your running session while Evernote is ,well, basically to remember everything! Have you ever tried to sync your RunKeeper run to Evernote for tracking your fitness goals? Currently, the process is very painful and time consuming, copy some data here, paste other data there. Well, with EverKeeper, this is a thing of the past! Introducing EverKeeper, the revolutionary and only app that syncs your RunKeeper runs to your Evernote account. It will even sync your routes(if you are using a GPS device) over as well! Its simple one page format allows you to quickly and cleanly view your runs details. EverKeeper helps you do the following easily: Enter running session as you completed them. Sync the data to RunKeeper first. From there, launch EverKeeper, EverKeeper will then retrieve your unsync runs and ask you if you want to resync them. No need for manual data input which is time-consuming! Let EverKeeper do the hard work! View and measure past performance – RunKeeper users would agree that RunKeeper is not a great system to do searching but Evernote is! After syncing your run sessions to Evernote using EverKeeper, you can quickly look for your runs by searching for everkeeper(tag name), dates, distance, pace, etc. Look at your 5k times trendings easily. No sweat at all. Use the tools that you are already using! Chances are, you are already using RunKeeper and Evernote! It is a good idea to continue on both platform and let EverKeeper help you make better use of them. Get Organised! EverKeeper uses a simple, clean and efficient format to sync your RunKeeper run sessions to Evernote, allowing you to view the important details without losing sight of your running goals Export your running routes out of RunKeeper! If your runs contains GPS coordinates, EverKeeper will extract and export them into a GPX file and add it to your notes. You then can use this to easily view your running route outside RunKeeper With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Get EverKeeper today and enjoy the freedom of using 2 platform to track your runs! Click here to buy app
  11. I just have a question - is it possible to email a note to set reminder directly like the notebook and tag option in the subject ?
  12. Hi, Please please help to vote for ERA! In case you are wondering, here is a review from a Japanese user about ERA: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&prev=_dd&u=http%3A%2F%2Farukeba.jp%2Fera-evernote-reminder-iphone-app.html
  13. ERA really needs your help! You must completed your registration by clicking on the link that is sent to your email via HackerLeague.
  14. Did you know ERA is part of Evernote 2013 Devcup? This is a global competition and if we win, we'll get funding from Evernote and access to investors and mentors. This will in turn help us make ERA even better for you. How to Vote 1. You’ll need to create an account on the voting site by clicking here. 2. Once you click “Create Account” check your email for a verification message. 3. Now you can visit our voting page and you should see a “Favorite Hack” button right under our demo video. 4. Click it and know you have our sincerest appreciation and gratitude. PS: Voting ends in few days so please don’t wait! Thank you for your support!
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