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hyperlinks in android aren't links just text

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I searched the forum and saw a lot of questions that were closely related to my problem but doesn't seem to directly address my problem.


I am using evernote on a nexus 4 android phone running android 4.2.2


on my phone -whenever i send a website to evernote via "share" either via google reader or via chrome on the android, i only get a text url -- not a blue hyperlink. So when i open the note in evernote either in on the phone or in evernote desktop in windows there is only url text -- not a hyperlink. 


Now if i edit the note in the desktop client and add a carriage return -- it turns into a proper blue hyperlink. But can't do this in the android evernote app. Adding a carriage return to the end of the url text doesn't create a hyper link . so i'm stuck on the andoird with unlikable addresses unless i edit them on the desktop which is annoying at the very least and a bug at the very worst.


when i send the same website via share on the phone to any other app -- mail, todo list, etc -- it is a proper hyperlink, but the "share with evernote" always creates a text unlinkable url address.



thoughts -- help?



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  This seems to be a "feature not a bug" situation - Android clients always seem to impose some limitations on browsing/ linking that are not apparent through desktop clients.  The shared text isn't "unlinkable" if it only takes a carriage return to switch it on,  but it is an extra keystroke we could all do without.  Don't know whether this is an OS limitation or an Evernote one,  but there's a general edict out there for each development team to provide the best and most responsive client for their respective OS's so I'd be hopeful that the overall Android experience can only get better.

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thanks for reply gazumped. I understand the feature/bug conundrum. 


In this case the android client doesn't make it linkable even if you put a carriage return at the end of the text. That trick only works in the desktop client. so a urul address in my android client has to be copied -and that's not easy in android even with the nifty-dual-super-tiny-arrrows-that-you-have-to-be super-careful-with-to-highlight-only-the-url-text. then fire up the android browser and then cut and paste the url into the browser.  do this with a few notes and you just give up.


It is linkable if i send to my toodledo client, or my other note client or to an email so it's just an evernote/android conflict. now what is interesting is that i can share URLS  from other apps to evernote on android and the url is a real link just not chrome nor reader.  -- for all i know its a "bug" that google put in place just for evernote -- but even with googles fickle nature about playing nice in the sandbox that just doesn't make sense.


i just don't know how this could be a "feature" as it defeats the purpose of the url.

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confirmed: it does seem to be fixed in latest android update 5.8.1 that i downloaded last night.


as noted  -- you have to close the note and reopen the note to see the hyperlink




now if we can only get fully text notes when sharing in android rather than a hyperlink.


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Actually, I wasn't quite clear, and maybe this is different to the original problem. With 5.8.1 I share a link from my phone. I then go to the web interface from a PC, and the link is not clickable. It becomes clickable after adding a carriage return at the end, as noted a year ago. Doing everything from the phone is fine, it's when I go to the web site on a pc that there's a problem.

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Now I partially retract my confirmation. DiveAlien is correct, the hyperlink is now a real hyperlink in the android app, but the synched note on evernote itself does not show up as a hyperlink -- you have to edit the note and append a carriage return -- then it becomes a true hyperlink.


My wife would say this would be a 7/8ths job.  although it does address my biggest gripe that there were no hyperlinks at all in the android app and now there are.


come on evernote team -- please follow through to completion.

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I have the same problem with the Blackberry 10 client. It seems there's no way to create a link that's clickable on the desktop from my Blackberry 10 device. 


I can, like you guys can on Android, close the note and open the note again on my blackberry and then click the link, but that same link is not clickable on the desktop version of Evernote after it syncs.


In order to click on a link on the desktop, I have to open the note and add a space or carriage return after the url string, turning on the link before closing it and reopening it.


It really seems like the Evernote client or Evernote server processes should detect the link and make it clickable, and not rely on the various clients, which all appear to do things differently.

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Here is my workaround which is actually working better than evernote's native clipping.




what i am doing on my android is that i'm saving anything i want  from a mobile brower to pocket app.


then when i go to my pocket application and share with evernote, it save the entire page in evernote not just the hyperlink.


this is superior to evernote's android sharing app which tries to always creates a hyperlink.


it's a two step process but much better than native evernote and should be how evernote mobile works.




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