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  1. SAME PROBLEM HERE - BUT HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME: legacy evernote not displaying left panel -- same problem here. has happened to me twice F10 won't display left panel, view menu checkmark won't work either to allow you to view left pane have restarted, rebooted, etc etc. no dice. TL;DR: here is what I did: kill all evernote background processes, change text/app size in display resolution settings to smaller value like 200% and restarting evernote fixed the problem somehow, then just change text/app setting to normal recommended value and the fix sticks Background: I recently moved from windows 7 to windows 10 and found a lot of legacy apps weren't displaying properly mainly because they weren't recognizing the enhanced resolutions of new displays. i found that some utility apps i used like "launchy" would be tiny unusable icons. some enterprising developers developed workaround icons and apps to work around these issues. after reading the plethora of stuck invisible left panels comments (distracting me from the more woeful comments about evernote version 10) i wondered if display resolution was a problem with legacy evernotes left panel problem. So here is what i did. 1) quit all versions of evernote 2) make sure there are no instances of evernote running in the background using either windows native task manager or other tools like resource monitor or dos third party tools like pskill. 3) go to display resolution and change size of apps from 300% (which my settings say is "recommended") to something smaller (I used 200%) 4) everything will now be tiny tiny and nigh unusable, but this is only a temporary step 5) now start legacy evernote -- i now see a full left panel with all notes/tags -- i can even resize the panel with the left/right arrows at the RH border of the left panel. -- so all fixed but too tiny to be workable 6) now go back to display resolution settings and change back to recommended level (mine says 300%) 7) the fix sticks. this worked for me on a thinkpad x1 carbon running windows 7 version 2004 build 19041 and evernote legacy version. Note I also have the hated version 10 of evernote running parallel. I just make sure all versions of evernote are killed before changing resolution. note: the first time this happened i changed both the resolution to something old-fashioned like 1024x768 and text size of 200% but wasn't sure if one or the other fixed the problem. The second time, i simply changed the text size as mentioned above and it fixed the issue for me. why did the problem resurrect itself. I'm guessing a windows update while the laptop was asleep as a lot of things were amiss when i woke the laptop up yesterday, but hadn't noticed the evernote left panel problem had re-occured until today. hope this helps someone as i know your mileage may vary.
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