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  1. I have the latest version of EN, and whenever I open or even just select certain notes that have been created by the Chrome clipper, the CPU, Memory, and Power Usage immediately jumps. It never comes back down until I click into another note and close that note. Either one will leave it running down my battery and slowing down my computer with the uber-high cpu usage. I've copied the content of the note to a fresh note, and that note also exhibits the behavior. It doesn't happen with ALL clipped notes, but with most of them. I've attached the portion of the log that shows the errors. It shows 'failed to open' and 'unable to open' even though the notes DO open and look fine, although CPU immediately shoots up and power usage (in Task Manager) goes to Very High in just 2-5 seconds. Evernote_6.19.2.8555_20190725 edited.log
  2. I guess I'll have to figure out the official support and submit the issues. My laptop just went 'red hot' because I failed to click into a text only note. It's not EVERY clipped page, but lots of them do it, and it's almost instantaneous. The task manager power use goes from low to very high over about 15 seconds!
  3. Thanks for trying it. I'll keep track and see if I see a pattern that can be replicated. I'm on the same build as you, btw.
  4. I'm not sure what changed, when. The problem came back at least a week or two ago, but I couldn't figure out what the pattern was, and I didn't have time to look into it until yesterday. It's possible (seeing the pattern that's causing it for me) that my issue never truly went away, but that the notes I was selecting weren't ones to cause the issue.
  5. It's back. Every few days I find my fan running full blast. I check Task Manager and find Evernote Subprocess taking up 19-29% of my cpu. This morning I found that when I changed from my last selected note (created using Clip to Evernote) to a text only note I'd manually created that the CPU immediately drops, although 'power usage' remains high to very high for a little while. I've tested this with a variety of notes, both text only and Clip. Not all Clip notes do this, but several of them do. It doesn't matter if they are open in a separate window or just clicked on in the side preview, the cpu immediately goes way up. If I don't click away, it will stay high for hours. If you want to try to recreate this, the link below is the web page that I saved via the Clip to Evernote Chrome extension. https://coschedule.com/blog/best-time-to-send-email/ I have to keep reminding myself to click to a text-only note when I'm done for now.
  6. Mine just did it with the only note open being text only. There was some bold, but otherwise plain text pasted in from a plain text document. I ended up having to kill the process that was eating up ~30% cpu using Task Manager before the fan would slow.
  7. Great. I wanted to be sure I hadn't installed the wrong version somehow.
  8. BTW, just clicking the X to quit doesn't kill the subprocess. You have to File>Exit. Even then, the fan doesn't seem to return to normal until you launch EN again. ...unless that's just a coincidence, but I waited 5 minutes for the fan to stop after closing EN and force ending the process via task manager. The fan kept roaring, but as soon as I launched EN again, it immediately slowed, then stopped. The EN Subprocess (32 bit) is nowhere to be seen yet since the relaunch.
  9. Same! Same laptop even. I keep having to kill the EN subprocess to make it stop. Strangely, it says (32 bit) when this is a 64 bit system. If I kill the process and relaunch, it's fine for a while, but eventually, my laptop gets hot and the fan goes non-stop and full blast.
  10. Thanks I guess for now I'll just delete and start over with something inserted via "add remark." Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Thanks, but most websites have some sort of header, and the block code box appears right in the middle of it, not before. If I could find a way to insert something BEFORE the first thing in the note, that would probably do it, but you're already positioned in the web page's html
  12. I'd like to be able to add a simple comment or note to myself at the top of web pages I've added to EN via the Web Clipper. If I remember when clipping, I can add a comment, which appears before the clip of the web page, but I can't find an easy way for when I forget. I usually delete the note and do it again, but I'm hoping there's a better way. If this was a webpage editor I'd click the <> button which would show me the html/txt version, allowing me to insert some lines of plain text. Is there a way to do something like this with an EN Note? Thanks! Roland
  13. The paragraphs are there, EN just doesn't display them with an space between them. If I copy/paste into Word I get the paragraphs I want UNLESS I've added a blank line between them in EN. In my mind, it stopped being a mere text editor when it got indents, bullets, bold, italic, etc.
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