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(Archived) How to use Evernote with sony eReader?

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Hi - I don't speak Sony - does that take Android apps?  Have a look at Google Play to download and install the app.  If you have a desktop computer it's always a good idea to install the PC or Mac client too.  Once your app is installed and your account set up,  you're in a position to start storing notes,  web pages,  photographs etc.

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I have a Sony eReader, and I don't know how to use Evernote on it.. can anyone explain?


The one i have won't run Evernote, all it does is display books.  I believe the same is true of the newer models.  They do have Internet access but viewing Evernote's website on that screen isn't going to be a good experience.

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Using Evernote web in a mobile browser would be .. interesting.  from the sound of it I don't think you can browse or search anything in Evernote very easily on the Sony;  it's just not able to do that.


You can send web pages from your browser if it will load the clipper or Clearly add-ins,  or (worst case) you can email anything to your Evernote account. 


Try a 'share' button too if you have one - that often has an email option.  If you have access to Evernote via another machine - ideally a desktop - you could get the URL of any individual notes you want to see on your reader,  and use those URLs from your reader browser to jump to notes as web pages.  Or - again from a desktop - you could export individual notes into a format the Reader can use and upload them just like book files.


Hope some of that helps!

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I have a Sony eReader, and I don't know how to use Evernote on it.. can anyone explain?

Hello Jessica, Sony eReaders have been around longer than any other eReader commonly seen today so your description is rather vague.

Luckily I know quite a lot about Sony eReaders and happen to have a few minutes and a fantastic typing speed so I hope the following will help :)


The first place you should look for support on your device in this case is actually on it!  Most Sony eReaders as of late have a preinstalled manual although it's possible you or someone else could have deleted it.  No worries, you can still contact the manufacturer Sony itself,  as it has a great free support line as well as several helpful sites within its domain name to help you with whatever device you have, even if it is outdated.  Just make sure you don't call them about Panasonic or Kindles to be more relevant ;)

Failing that, there is a great site called mobile read dot com (with no spaces) that has very helpful forums devoted to each and every latest and obscure eReader known and even some you may have never known existed.  The good thing is this forum site is divided by eReader brands so you simply pop over to Sony Forum and likely there are already a few posts mentioning all that you will ever need to know about Evernote with Sony eReaders.

However more to the point, as you may have already figured out, the Evernote Functionality has been limited (by software only) to the latest model Sony is offering the PRS-T2.

The PRS-T2 was released late 2012 and was a replacement to the PRS-T1 which looks awefully similar to the PRS-T2.

However you will know which one you have by simply looking at the buttons on the front face.

If you have a series of bars laid out in a horizontal line with inscriptions for the function of each button on top, I am sorry but you will not be able to use Evernote on the eReader without modfiying (jailbreaking) the entire device operating system.

But if you have 3-D buttons that actually resemble the following shapes <, > or the shape of a house with NO writing to describe their functions,then it is my pleasure to say you can use Evernote on your working device.


Also, you may realize already that you either have a headphone jack (audio capable) on your Sony eReader, in which case lucky you,


But that means you have the PRS-T1 and no Evernote options.


Sony decided to remove Audio support with the PRS-T2 when giving us Evernote, which just goes to show that a giant tech company that has been around since the middle ages can't even manage their technology in the 21st century decently!


Again, the actual use of Evernote with a PRS-T2 is something you want to be able to learn by taking your time to learn Evernote and how Sony integrates Evernote into its latest eReader device so that is a responsibility I will leave up to you. 


You can download pdf manuals for your PRS-T2 or even any other Sony Reader from the Sony Site and I'm sure you're going to find lots of help here and with Evernote support staff if you still need to learn a bit more about Evernote. 

In fact, I think Evernote is something all users are still learning about as it has a lot of hidden mysterious powers that ony reveal themselves when you are worthy ;) !

Hope that helps and if you're lost about the Sony eReader models, of course you can Google them but did you know if you enter "Sony Reader" on Wikipedia you will get to see all the pictures to match yours up as well as some great info on the capabilities of each device?


Mine is the PRS-350 in silver & even though it doesn't do Evernote, I still think it is a keepers-forever!

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Mine is ancient. I could imagine converting notes to epub and hoping they're viewable on my PRS-thingy-from-before-time. :-) But that's about all.


(Similarly with my Kindle Kbd 3D. But I gather "Padhmini" :-) is arriving tomorrow - which opens up a whole new reading experience and runs Evernote.)

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