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  1. But amusingly, not about my Evernote account. They've (Evernote) kindly told me that my Adobe account is one of those that was hacked recently. I'm still waiting on the email telling me about Evernote getting hacked. Amusing. Just saying.
  2. And... use your computer's screen lock feature to require a new login if you leave it alone for more than a few minutes. And, use your computer's account management features to setup individual user accounts for your family and friends, or use the guest account.
  3. If you think mass tagging might help, you could do it quite easily using an advanced code editor like Sublime. Trouble is, you'd have to have a PC/Mac for input. If you input on a tablet or phone this is no good.
  4. After reading your first note I was thinking along the lines of pseudo tags but having read the latest post it's clear that you are doing just about everything you can with them. There could be some payback to use of multiple pseudo tags per line, but your text would be littered with them and be unreadable. The uninspiring workarounds are no more uninspiring than the few things I can think of. As for it being a routine need, I think others will need someone similar but those who do, and who use Evernote, are using something else too. I access some of my notes in the way you want to, but in a system provided by my employer based on Sharepoint. I end up screen clipping it to EN.
  5. I use the in-note encryption feature quite a lot but I think I have read in the past that it's a really weak form of encryption (something about export of munitions being applied to crypto software?). In which case, what's the point?
  6. The thing is, until i got to "why not stick to individuated entries", i was thinking that EN has a straightforward answer to all the things you are looking for. Making EN work like a database (to the extent possible) would require markup of individual daylog entries. If the effort isn't worth the payback, and the effort of using two tools outweighs the benefit, then I guess in this case necessity isn't going to be the mother of invention. I'm sure you understand all the possibilities of the notebooks and tags approach to filing and retrieval, so I am thinking that I must be missing or misunderstanding something from the challenge you are facing. I'm happy to discuss, it'll be light relief from the Analysis Services mash-up I've been working on for the last 10 hours!
  7. If you start each note and each line within a note with a code of your own making, then you should be able to do this. You can turn EN into a database if you format your input and code it up. I'm just glad my life's not as complicated as yours :-)
  8. I wasn't aware of the processed flag, so thanks for that pointer. I am a Premium user so hopefully my wait will be a bit shorter as a result. The first thing I tried was loading my legacy stuff into Scansnap but I get the failure message "Non-Scansnap PDF". Anyway, if Evernote OCRs and then keeps the index when I later put it to local, that's a good enough solution for me. I will post back on how it works.
  9. Me again. So after some more searching I found a thread where a user says that sync'd, OCR'd notes do remain searchable after being moved to local. If true, great. I know that Evernote's severs queue notes that need to be OCR'd so I am wondering if there is any way of looking at a note and knowing it has been OCR'd? (apart from checking by searching)
  10. Quick question... I know that syncing a note containing a PDF with the Evernote servers after placing it in a sync'd notebook results in it being OCR'd. What I am wondering is that if I at some point move the note to a local folder, does it remain searchable? I have a Snapscan and use its software to OCR everything, enabling me to use local folders and search on contents. I am dealing with legacy stuff the PDFs of which don't contain OCR info.
  11. Thanks for pointing me to that article Grumpy. Hardware eh! "something new and magical"... I do wish people would stop thinking... "so what would Steve Jobs have said if he was going to announce this :-) It's an interesting article. I'm going to stay with my plan for my sensitive info and as soon as they deliver 2fa i'll probably be back.
  12. Well I waited, and waited, but due to the absence of any information about the arrival of 2fa (there hasn't been any new, has there?), i've just started implementing my own solution. I've got a VPN router at home so I've set it up to allow a remote connection from me using an openvpn client The connection allows me to take remote control of my Mac Mini The Mac Mini has Evernote installed and everything in local notebooks (copying as I type) I will continue to use the web clipper but notes with sensitive info in them will be copied from a cloud notebook to a local one I lose ocr of documents with pictures in them, but i'll take that hit WIth Microsoft introducing 2fa I'll use a Onenote on Skydrive for some things So that's it. All stuff in local notebooks. Thanks for a great note organizer Evernote, but the cloud service, no thanks, not any more. And I save some dollars come renewal time in June. Sad day.
  13. I agree with the original post and I am willing to be more specific. I find the evangelists on this board the least helpful 'expert' users I've come across. They're dismissive and often combative. I'm not going to debate this and won't be commenting further on this subject. I don't use this board much, we need a 'no evangelist input please' button on posts, then maybe I would.
  14. Agreed. It's a term people associate with a method of organization that other evangelists keep telling us in irrelevant in the EN world.
  15. I've been using EN for ages but i've only just started looking at this forum, the main reason for coming was to check what they had to say about 2FA, because without it, I am leaving. Anyway, we have an update on that, so while I am here, a few comments on the wish list: 1. Encryption I use the in-note encryption facility a little, mainly as a means of storing passwords to other accounts, but also for the occasional bit of sensitive text. I'd like this extended to the note level so that it's easy to mark an entire note as needing encryption and that should cover all content types, not just text. Another nice-to-have would be the automatic application of encryption on notes with a certain user-chosen tag, that way I could easily see and manage encrypted notes. Beyond that, I think it's pretty clear by now that full encryption isn't something that EN will get. It can understand why. If you encrypt stuff that's on their servers you lose the ability to search it, and once that's gone then what you upload is simply data, in which case you might as well throw it up to a Dropbox or similar. 2. Notebooks I use OneNote too, so I can see how in some cases having that OneNote structure to navigate might be helpful. That said, I locate everything through search in both of the products. But, you like it, but I can't see it coming here. 3. I'm still surprised they don't include a time-limited large upload amount for newly signed-up Premium customers. I remember I maxed out for about 4 months when I first got here. Sadly, I don't see why you're optimistic. I don't think it's ever going to hit most of the things on your list.
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