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(Archived) Email to a business notebook?


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I woudln't know how to start. A business notebook doesn't belong to anyone, so where do I find the email address for the business notebook? I don't see it in the Admin panel.

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Hi Ed :)

I just tested this, and I found that it does work. I am part of a business account, and emailed a note to my personal Evernote email with the @notebook addition in the subject and it went into the business notebook, as expected.

One thing I will say, is watch out for notebooks with spaces, I seem to recall there being some difficulty with that, though I could be misremembering. Scratch that, I am imagining things...


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Ok, that worked Scott. Do you have to be the owner of it though? Or even a member of it? I need to run some tests.

On the good side, the @folder name here worked fine, spaces and all.

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Yes it works!

I sent an email from my second user's email address to a business notebook that I created and the note arrived safely.

It obviously also works from another user to a shared personal notebook.

Best regards


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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