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  1. Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about this issue, I just replied to your ticket with how to get up and running again shortly.
  2. Hi Jim, Can you create a support ticket at Evernote.com, and ask for it to be escalated to the Customer Success team? I'm happy to help dig into this issue.
  3. Hi Tracy, I'm sorry to hear about that. I work on the Evernote Business Customer Success Team. Can you tell me where you're at in the process at this point and I'm more than happy to help you find a resolution. Have you filed a support ticket yet?
  4. Hey there, Have you tried these steps: To move notes from personal notebooks to business notebooks, just follow these steps: -Create a new business notebook-Open the existing notebook and select all of the notes (command+A on a mac, control+A on a PC)-Use the move dialog that pops up to select the business notebook you just created and move the notes-Delete the old notebook A note, you'll have to do it one notebook at a time, and it if you attempt this on a stack, it will move all of the notes in the stack to one notebook. Second, the email into Evernote feature, if you don't append the subject, goes into your default notebook. If you want the email to go into a specific notebook, personal or business, you can put "@Notebook Name"in the subject to have it go into a specific notebook. For example, to forward a note into my food notebook, I forward it to that note and put @food in the subject line. Let us know if those steps helped at all.
  5. I've got some followup information for you. First, notelinks are designed to work within the Evernote ecosystem. This is why you run into issues with sending them over outlook/IM. They're a type of link that is meant to tell an Evernote product where a certain note is. If you need to share a notelink over IM/Outlook, you'll want to use the share by URL function. Second, with regards to this bullet point: Account with access to the notebookLocal user change (CTRL-ALT-A) -> worksiPad/Android -> not testedWeb client -> broken Can you tell me how you are testing the web client? What are the the steps you are you taking? We're looking to see if QA can replicate the issue you mentioned about saved searches. Again, thank you for your patience.
  6. Thank you for letting us know. I'll forward this information over to the Windows team. We appreciate your patience.
  7. Apologies if I'm belaboring the point, but did you attempt to click share notebook from the admin console or from your desktop client? If I understand you, you have accessed the admin console, clicked the manage notebooks tab, clicked on the notebook name, and at that point, there is no share notebook button?
  8. Hi there, When you published the notebook to the librar did you set the permissions level to read only by any chance? When you leave a notebook, even if you created it, when you rejoin it it treats you as if you've joined the notebook for the first time. So if the notebook was read only, and you left, when you rejoined you would have read only access. This would mean that you couldn't add notes, via drag and drop or moving. You can change your permissions on this notebook from the admin console. You can access the Admin Console via one of the following ways: -Click help in the menu bar of one of our desktop apps-Login to Evernote.com, click your username, and then click admin console. Click on the manage notebooks tab, then click on the notebook, then click share, and then change the permissions level. Let us know if that doesn't work.
  9. And forgive me, but just to be sure, you did update your client to yesterday's release correct?
  10. Andreb, I think we may have gotten this fixed in the release that went out today. Can you check for updates from the help menu and then see if you're still seeing an issue?
  11. Hi Andreb, I understand your frustration, and I want to apologize for the delay in resolution. I can assure you that the issue is open internally, and is being looked at.
  12. The suggestion I provided, with regards to unsharing and changing the name of the notebook, was more of a workaround than anything else. That said, I understand what you're saying, and I thank you, we appreciate the feedback. I've passed this along to the product team.
  13. If it helps to understand, imagine using the same notebook every day for work, and then you login one day and the notebook is gone because a coworker changed it. If you have a number of notebooks, it could be troublesome to find that notebook again. Evernote Business is designed to be less reliant on file structure and flexible for different users' naming conventions. As for formally requesting a feature, you just did . I've added your feedback to this topic internally. Thank you for providing it.
  14. Hey Chris, currently, only 7 partners have integrated the Business API. As Jon pointed out, you can see this subjection of the trunk here: http://trunk.evernote.com/theme/business Our partnership team is working with a lot of developers on how to best integrate business features, and while I can't give any date or timeline, we hope to announce additional partners in the future.
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