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  1. The suggestion I provided, with regards to unsharing and changing the name of the notebook, was more of a workaround than anything else. That said, I understand what you're saying, and I thank you, we appreciate the feedback. I've passed this along to the product team.
  2. If it helps to understand, imagine using the same notebook every day for work, and then you login one day and the notebook is gone because a coworker changed it. If you have a number of notebooks, it could be troublesome to find that notebook again. Evernote Business is designed to be less reliant on file structure and flexible for different users' naming conventions. As for formally requesting a feature, you just did . I've added your feedback to this topic internally. Thank you for providing it.
  3. When you change the name of a Business Notebook, it will only change on your account. The change will not reflect on the accounts of others. This is to avoid any confusion or perceived data loss when a notebook suddenly changes names. In the same vein, each user is free to rename the Business Notebooks they join and these changes will not be synced throughout all shared users. If you would like to push the name change to all users, you would need to un-share with all users, change the notebook, and then reshare the notebook. Additionally, you could email all users (in the share notebook menu
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