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EN not creating links automatically in notes



I just updated my OS X evernote via MAS to version 5.0.4. As soon as I did I noticed that hyper links that I paste into notes are no longer linked automatically. I even tried to write a hyper link like http://test.com in the note and it would not link without me right licking and adding a link through the contextual menu.

I assume this is a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Thanks for the quick solution "while we wait".

Sadly, it's already version 5.0.5 and the problem still persists. I just did 30 links and doing the 'copy-link-paste-OK' sequence gets old fast!

Please Evernote, fix this. You are the core of my note-taking existence and I need functioning links!

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I'm running Evernote for Mac Version 5.0.5 (400805) from the Mac App Store - via OS X Mountain Lion ver: 10.8.2 - Using the Google Chrome Browser ver: 24.0.1312.57.


When I copy and paste a URL into a new (or existing) note it pastes as plain text.


If I follow the suggestion in post number 4 above (Highlight the link you've just pasted, Press this sequence of three keystrokes: Cmd-C, Cmd-K, Cmd-V) that resolves the problem and I now have a working link. 


What's different about my experience is this:  about 95% of the time, the links I paste end up plain text.


The other 5% of the time (or less) they paste as hyperlinks that work properly ! ?

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I use EV as gtd tool on mac OS and I like to link several files to one note/task. e.g. file:///Users/gb/text.txt


Is there a way to detect links to a file on my hard drive automatically? I use a workaround (app called copypath from the app store) to even copy several files. Converting every link manually afterwards is kind of annoying... 


Thanks in advance!

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I am seeing this occasionally as well.  Most of the ones I paste are linked but some are not.  This seems, for me at least, to only occur occasionally and only when there is also non link text on the clipboard.


Typed ones are ok, they change after I type a space after them or press enter/return like I would expect.



OSX 10.9.5

EN 5.6.0 450741 Direct

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