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  1. Well that is mental. Evernote supports all kinds of wicked code when you copy and paste it, but you cannot change the background colour. Jesus christ.
  2. Sorry, I thought I had stated that, must have been another thread, I'm on Windows 7 with the latest Evernote version
  3. No, because the title changes to whatever the first line in the "body" is. I cut the top line from the body to the header, and then the programme sees its chance to "refresh" itself, and it throws the header out of the window and puts whatever is the new first line in the body, and makes it the header. You'd think it wasn't supposed to work like that, but it always does to me...
  4. Funny how you must have a headline in the note itself, because it just defaults to whatever the first line is. I cannot see how this is meant to work.
  5. This is so annoying. I'm making backups of my notes elsewhere now, and when I paste the contents, an automatic title is not created. However, when I try to cut and paste the first line of the note (which usually has the title in it), Evernote decides to create a title of the NEXT line, taking a few seconds to do so in the process. You have no idea how frustrating this is when it happens to every single note, and a few seconds might not seem much, but it makes Evernote seem really bloated, slow and dysfunctional. Seriously, how hard is it to disable this feature?
  6. Using Windows 7, version This was supposed to be fixed in a beta two years ago? No URLs I paste gets turned into links. And I cannot find an option to turn it on in Options, either.
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