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  1. Your screenshot shows you have the sidebar minimized. Click and drag on the edge of the sidebar (the gray bit) to expand it and the notebook list will be visible again. It folds in when the sidebar is made too narrow.
  2. Evernote also uses iOS's smart links functions in its app so random dates, times, and subjects (like people, movie titles, and book titles) are also linked in bright blue. I recently made a bunch of notes for an essay on The Lord of the Rings (the book not the movies) and every mention of the title on mobile is a blue link that points me to the cast list and Rotten Tomatoes score for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Another thing I'd love to have the option to turn off as other apps I use don't do this. But, like I said, I just don't see this happening. I've come to accept Evernote's weird quirks and occasional ugliness in my almost-decade of use. It's part of its charm, I guess.
  3. I always assumed note links and web links were different colors so the user could tell at a glance where clicking that note would take them. Why note links created in the web version are a different color from those created in the desktop version are different is beyond me. Maybe because the green of Evernote's website is slightly different from the green that used to be used featured prominently in the desktop app. As someone who also cares about the aesthetics of their notes, I agree that it would be nice to set a default link color in the preferences but that's not a feature I see Evernote ever actually adding. Evernote has put a great deal of effort into making their apps look nice except what comes out of the editor. The color picker in the Mac app can change the color of a link but only one at a time and no other text can be selected while doing it. Barring that, I think we're stuck with 1996-style blue web links.
  4. Text expansion software can do this for you. TextExpander, Typinator, TypeIt4Me, and aText are popular choices for Mac. (I don't know what Windows users usually go for. Phrase Express, maybe?) One of my most used shortcuts in aText is ";d" which expands to the current date and time. I use it just the way you describe, to put a date/timestamp on additions to notes. This might, at least, be a solution in the meantime.
  5. Click on Notes so you're looking at All Notes. Select all (cmd+A), right click, "Export notes...". Then you can choose whether you want an enex or HTML export.
  6. I like to make tables in Markdown Pro and export the file as HTML. Nice neat, borderless tables. Oh to be able to format on the fly in Markdown directly within Evernote.
  7. You're correct. Notebooks can go into stacks but stacks can't go into other stacks.
  8. It appears to be completely random to some users' consternation. Sometimes manipulating the contents of the note will change the displayed thumbnail, sometimes it won't. I agree that there needs to be some sort of predictable method for which image is displayed. I've got hundreds of images in my historical research and some of the random displayed images are completely useless (like the backs of buildings, zoomed-in pieces of architecture, or fragments of paintings and statues. I'm hoping that if the card view is here to stay that its functionality will at least be improved for more practical uses.
  9. Command + T brings up the font panel which gives you a wider range of options.
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