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  1. Yes, please add these features. This would make the iOS app as capable as the computer ones.
  2. sm@rgh, nice work I'll definitly give it a try! The workflow to create a markdown note in evernote by Brett Terpstra and Martin Kopischke uses the first '# headline' to get the name of the new note and ignores the rest of it http://nsuserview.kopischke.net/post/6223792409/i-can-has-some-markdown: "you can mix short syntax (i.e. “@” for tags, “=” for the notebook and “#” for the title ) and MMD syntax metadata lines freely, but both will only be parsed inside the MMD metadata block, so you don’t have to worry about random paragraphs starting with metadata keywords being stripped out of your text (note that if you provide multiple metadata lines in the block, only the last one will be kept). The one exception to this being atx style 1st level headings (i.e. # My heading), which are intrinsically outside the metadata block anyway and will be parsed anywhere; the first one becomes the title, the others are stripped from the Markdown." Setext-style headers will work fine header =====
  3. Hi, I use EV as gtd tool on mac OS and I like to link several files to one note/task. e.g. file:///Users/gb/text.txt Is there a way to detect links to a file on my hard drive automatically? I use a workaround (app called copypath from the app store) to even copy several files. Converting every link manually afterwards is kind of annoying... Thanks in advance!
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