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(Archived) Any way to filter saved searches?



Right, EN always shows all of my saved searches in the search drop-down list. I have quite a few searches, and I would like to add more, but it is becoming cumbersome to navigate the list.

It would be great if the list of saved searches could be filtered by what I type in the search box. So if I type "pre", I only see the saved searches with the substring "pre" in their title.

And while I'm at it, is this the right place to make requests like this, or should I be filing a tech support request? So far I've only been sending the tech support tickets for actual bugs, and not feature requests.


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You are correct in thinking that you can't filter saved searches at the moment.

You can send a feature request via the support system, but Evernote staff read pretty much every post so the chances are they will notice what you have suggested.

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To get around the inability to filter searches, I created 4 notes in Evernote and store my searches there.

Date / Time searches

People searches

Places searches

Things searches

It is not as convenient as the actual saved searches in the Left Panel, but there are some benefits.

1.) These 4 notes are easy to locate because I added a quick search in my Favorites Bar at the top of Evernote.


2.) Not only are the actual searches stored in the 4 notes, but I also include a brief description to help remember what it does

created:20090903 -created:20101014

Created between Sep 3, 2009 and Oct 14, 2010

3.) Editing and creating new searches is much easier now - just cut and paste. No need to re-read the Evernote Search Grammar Rules to develop a new advanced search.


4.) I very seldom use the Left Panel. It is shut down 95% of the time (F10) which gives more room for the important stuff which is the actual content in Evernote.


5.) Or for Windows users - http://www.bitqwik.com/

It lets me search in English for stuff like:

Notes I created in Outlook that do not have photographs and that were modified after last Friday
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