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  1. Having similar issues here. For me, it always starts by lagging on keyboard cursor navigation (i.e. arrow keys), typing text will be okay for a little longer and then start to lag as well. Closing and reopening the note will temporarily fix the problem.
  2. Meant to mention: this is on the iPad only. The iPhone does ask for the passcode, though the prompt comes up rather late, leaving my notes visible for a couple of seconds before asking.
  3. Love the new iOS redesign. Much faster, much easier to navigate. Very pleased, well done! I am having one issue: instead of getting asked to enter my passcode on startup, I am asked to sign in instead. I use a long, randomly generated password for my account, so this is a real pain. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app on the off-chance that might clear it up, but no luck. Any help or fixes much appreciated!
  4. I love the Related Notes introduced in 5.x, and I'm finding all kinds of great stuff I had completely forgotten about. But I don't like having them turned on all the time, because I find them distracting when I am trying to author new content. Also, I would really like to see more than just three related notes. This is valuable stuff and I feel like I'm only getting a glimpse of the surface. Could you add a new search option to show all related notes? Perhaps in the menu as Edit > Find > Related Notes? And then show as many results as you can (I obviously don't know the technical constraints on doing these searches, or how quickly the relevance falls off), sorted by whatever relevance metric you used to determine the relations. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  5. While it didn't get any love in change list, THANK YOU for allowing Spotlight search to pop up only the requested document, and not the main window. I live and die by Spotlight and I can't tell you how much grief that was causing me. Very happy! Unlike others, I am on latest 10.8 and I do get the new quick note feature. A new issue though: if you choose NOT to display the Elephant in the menu bar (one of the preferences), then the keyboard shortcut does nothing. It would be nice if it would fall back to the old behavior and pop up the full note window, but at the least it should disable the keyboard shortcut if the icon isn't shown, very confusing otherwise. Or don't allow people to turn off the menu item at all. Thanks again!
  6. Sorry, I should have put an emoticon after that. Here you go:
  7. Weird, could have sworn I'd done that in the past. That said, just because it has always been that way doesn't mean that it isn't a bug.
  8. I opened a bug report for this already, but wanted to ask here in case someone had a workaround: it seems that you can't negate notebook searches in 5.0.4. The query: -notebook:Logbook Returns ONLY notes from "Logbook" instead of all notes EXCEPT those in "Logbook".
  9. Right, EN always shows all of my saved searches in the search drop-down list. I have quite a few searches, and I would like to add more, but it is becoming cumbersome to navigate the list. It would be great if the list of saved searches could be filtered by what I type in the search box. So if I type "pre", I only see the saved searches with the substring "pre" in their title. And while I'm at it, is this the right place to make requests like this, or should I be filing a tech support request? So far I've only been sending the tech support tickets for actual bugs, and not feature requests. Thanks!
  10. Another thought on related notes: it could be very useful to be able to see more than three related notes. I don't know how you are determining relevance under the hood, but the ability to bring up a list of related items sorted by relevance would be an awesome feature for discovering those notes, journal entries, etc. I've collected but forgotten all about.
  11. I don't want them all off. I want to be able to easily switch them on and off for an individual note. Just make "Related Notes" at the bottom a "link" that opens and closes them on individual notes. +1. I would like to turn them off when I am composing a new note. I would like to turn them off on notes where they make no sense (like release checklists and other kinds of things). I would like to turn them off when I'm trying to focus. But for now my only recourse is to turn them off entirely which is a bit of a shame, because I think they are useful in many places. What about a drawer that can be opened/closed to reveal the notes?
  12. Anyone else seeing this? I will plugging away, happily editing a note in a standalone window, and all of a sudden the main window will pop to the front, obscuring my work. It seems to correlate with the elephant icon appearing in the middle of the main window—is this new? Does that mean it is syncing? I don't recall this happening with the previous 5.0.x versions. Very annoying whatever it is. I move back and forth between Mac and iPad many times during the day, so I have my sync set to 5 minutes.
  13. While I am finding Related Notes useful, I would really like to have a way to turn them off. It is very distracting to have those cards down there with the big bold titles when I am trying to do any kind of writing that involves actual thinking. I can kind of hide them now by scrolling them off-screen, but that's just one more fidgety thing I have to do.
  14. Many thanks for these quick updates. I definitely notice the improvements, and have upgraded to 5.0 full time now. Still getting used to the related notes, my brain isn't used to seeing information there, but I think it will be quite handy (and not bad for a minor point update!) Unfortunately, the back/forward navigation does not work on the individual note windows, which the only place I really need it. The keyboard shortcuts don't work there either.
  15. +1. I only use the main window to show the card list (using Expanded Card View, which is very nice), as I often have 2-5 notes open at a time. So those navigation buttons on the main window are…well, I will never use them. I need them on the individual note windows, as they were previously. Hopefully this is coming in an update (pleased by the rapid turnaround on these last two updates btw, thanks!) Update: Again, it would be perfectly good enough if the keyboard shortcuts worked for note windows; they currently do not.
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