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(Archived) Feature Request: Multi-Select Tags/Notebooks

Jalapeno Jack



I'd like to request a productivity throwback to version 5 of the Evernote Mac client. I'd like to be able to select multiple tags and/or notebooks on the sidebar. There are a few reasons to do this:

1) I use my Mac at home and Windows PC at work - I can do it in EN 4.6 for Windows

2) It is much easier to click a notebook and a tag or two than it is to type in a search. Further, because of the number of searches I want to do, it doesn't make sense to save these searches.

3) It allows for more "blank canvas" customization that I feel is Evernote's best feature.

4) It allows for a number of GTD/TSW users to continue working in the same way they were before

I've searched the forum and seen that there are others requesting this feature as well. Please please please (!) add this feature for EN 5.

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I would like to express agreement with this feature request. The new interface is nice but not having the basic functionality to easily select multiple tags or to easily find notes with a specific set of tags within a specific notebook is destroying Evernote's usability for me. Evernote is something I use daily but without these features it is unusable for me.

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I need to multiselect tags in sidebar related to the current notebook. :unsure:

How are your plans to deliver this feature, evernote team?




Totally agreed! It would be very useful to be able to select one notebook and then multiple tags for the notes from this notebook. I need it for evernote usage with GTD/TSW. WIll this option be available?



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Hi, I too feel that there is still a large number of people out there using evernote that do not realise how powerful this tool is for managing any project, managing your whole business and personal life.

This however has been trumped and dumbed down beyond my belief with the release of Mac 5.x.x version.

My productivity has gone completely but all i see on forums is people commenting on how pretty the new interface is.

As it is now i'm finding the web interface to be more productive.

I have been trying to find ways around the new UI design shortcomings.

JALAPENO JACK --- try this at least it makes tagging more productive


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