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  1. You can use EN for your to-do and calendar but only on iOS phone pad. I'm loving it. Awesome Note milks data from your EN account and displays it in beautiful interface + ads great new features. all the due and calendar info appears at the bottom of the note in small font and its very logical so once you get your head around how to do and calendar text tags work you can put them directly inside EN and they will display in Awesome note. Its still beyond me why EN can not use the same system and integrate this into EN. This guys did it. And they are not even part of the Elephant Trunk. http://bridworks.com/anote/en/main/index.php
  2. I jave just discovered (thanks to Metrodons post) that sidebar with 4 large icons is actually still the same as before WITH THE TREE STRUCTURE for all your NOTEBOOKS and TAGS. You just very "intuitively" have to right click on the icons and select show structure. Hope this brings a bit more productivity into your workflow as you dont need to search for tags in the stupid separate tag view any more.
  3. OMFG so tree view has been available to us all this time. People raging on the forum about this for days and this is first time someone (not even from EN) mentioned this. Now next request i have is to have ability to activate 2nd side bar next to current one or split same one into 2 or 3 vertically. 1 for notebook stacks, 1 for tags. and even 1 for shortcuts. That would eliminate all the scrolling and drastically improve and speed things up.
  4. They are not designed by same teams - you have mobile UI experts and supposedly Desktop UI experts. Than you have PC coders that say to Desktop UI team that can't be done on PC but can on mac than MAc coders go ape when they see whats done on PC and can't be done on Mac. Than you have iOS Android Honey Combs Windows8 Windows7 OSXLion, Snow Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc. On top of that all you have UI experts that want to put main menu away from the sight under the shortcut list that can only be expanded if you right click on folder to ghet expand/collapse pop up menu. Give it a year and maybe wi;; get a workable solution till than may i recommend AWESOME NOTE - it seamlessly integrates with your EN on iPhone and iPad so at least those look the same. Also it has way more features like calendar and to do lists. Very clever exploitation of evernote database and its totally beyond me why EN could not do the same. and desk vesion well stick with old models and only upgrade once they solve all the issues. good luck, cheers
  5. HI all - great thread, I must say i too have switched to PC after being Loyal Mac Devotee since original Macintosh was released. As cs6 and all 3d apps now look and behave the same on either OSX (with exception of Lion versions which suck) or Windows the switch was easy. Even Lynotype Font explorer works on Windows now. And as for the Evernote. Please do not change anything before consulting your Paying members, before doing extensive consumer testing, before running beta and alpha testing on people that are interested in helping you succeed e.i. the crowd in this thread. The 5.0 is way too much of a mistake to now try to fix it. Go back to the drawing board. Get some thinking caps on. Fire your curent design team or get them into a good UI education programe Get them to actually use the product in pararel on both old and new version to see and experience 1st hand why are we complaining so much. Because if you are planing on doing same to the windows version - i'll be looking for an alternative. You were the 1st on the market with fantastic product - i could see you have potential to get integrated with say new OS release But make sure you don't get run over like dropbox will be soon by more superior feature rich Sugarsync.
  6. I know this is a mac thread but as i hope someone from Evernote or Apple will read this: If you have you retarded UI designers (speaking as a designer who has worked on UI) currently working on changing windows version please stop now. Leave windows as it is its working great. Get all your ressources into fixing the mess you created with MAC 5.0 I have actually switched to windows 7 after being faithful mac user and crusader in Apple VS PC war for 14y. And here is why... 1st Apple decided to stop making 17" notebooks, 2nd not supporting MAC pro ( the new released MAC pro is a joke with inflated cool and revolutionary price tag for 3y old hardware components ) 3rd Lion and Snow lion OSes messed with interface too - launch pad i mean really does anyone use that ***** feature. Luckily they decided to leave the drop down menus (for now) - integration with twitter and facebook - wtf for if i want to do that ill glance over to my ipad or phone. I use computer for work trying to be productive not to get constant interruptions - email is disruptive enough. 4th all that has affected the speed of the machine - i have adobe CS6, Modo and Cinema 4D running on new iMac 27" on Lion at same speed as on my 6y old MAc Pro 1.1 on Snow Leopard with hacked in 2GB PC Nvidia Graphics card. And apple is not even supporting that model and not telling you you can put non apple more powerful hardware into it. And now This 5.0 Evernote. If this trend continues we may as well go back to pen and paper for the productivity sake.
  7. If you like things to be clumsy - you could say yep its possible. It was so much easier and faster before.
  8. Hey i had similar problem. I have tried to use 2 separate applications in the past. One is egretlist http://blog.evernote.com/2010/05/26/egretlist-a-great-to-do-list-app-powered-by-evernote/ the other awesome note https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/awesome-note-+to-do-calendar/id320203391?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/awesome-note-hd-+to-do-calendar/id406750496?mt=8 I love awesome note - its total visual replacement for evernote + some added bonuses like calendar using evernote notes probably too much for your need but what you can do is to setup a new notebook "aNote grocery" ( all notebooks inside evernote with suffix aNote will be visible in awesomenote other notebooks will not be visible so you can restrict awesomenote user to what they can see and do. It has great to-do management it has beaut interface with coloured folders and customisable icons ( HELLO EVERNOTE PEOPLE ARE YOU LISTENING TO THIS coloured folders, customisable, practical to do lists, calendar, just rip it off E is better but lacking in features ) P.S. disgruntled premium user since 5.x.x.
  9. Hi all, In the wake of the new 5.x.x redesign i though it would be good to make a place for people to share ideas on how to overcome the UI and productivity shortcumings delivered with the new update. Here is my tip on how to better manage tagging. https://www.evernote...363dc35827de07a Hope it helps you specially if you are using the GTD method to manage your evernote files. It would be great if we can get those features back so we can drag and drop notes onto notebooks and tags on notes all from one window. see attached quick mockup for my UI design solution https://www.evernote.com/shard/s82/sh/48e305fc-f3f3-41e8-b96f-e7496dc856aa/dfea4148a4a8b3b749fce125c296481e ta da davor
  10. Hi, I too feel that there is still a large number of people out there using evernote that do not realise how powerful this tool is for managing any project, managing your whole business and personal life. This however has been trumped and dumbed down beyond my belief with the release of Mac 5.x.x version. My productivity has gone completely but all i see on forums is people commenting on how pretty the new interface is. As it is now i'm finding the web interface to be more productive. I have been trying to find ways around the new UI design shortcomings. JALAPENO JACK --- try this at least it makes tagging more productive https://www.evernote.com/shard/s82/sh/7dd2f731-48f2-4064-a8d0-b8231bf76f57/ec2695d1b35ec4f08363dc35827de07a
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