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Evernote feature request: note with multiple photos user selectable key photo

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Allow the user, after uploading a note with multiple photos, a way to control which photo is used in the thumbnail to visually represent the note.

Please and thanks!


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Just make sure the image you want has the 'largest smallest dimension' LOL (don't ask)


Ok. I was hooked. I wanted to know more about the largest smallest. Wow.

That is the way it is currently done, for some reason, unknown to me. I suppose when the all photos are the same dimension it defaults to the most recent or the last one added?

I think a simple, "Make key photo" option would be better.

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We still NEED this feature.  The new layout is great and the photos really help me to see my notes quicker, with less brain stress.  BUT, i absolutely need to select which photo.  I even hid a numeric spreadsheet .jpg within a chart so that evernote would pick the "pretty picture" I inserted as a key photo, to no avail. 


If we have to use something like largest smallest dimension, then at least give us GRIPS so we can RESIZE the image within the note.   I'm sort of sick of this formatting business, and want to get on with the real useful Evernote stuff.  



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