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  1. but HOW do you do it?? and why is it so hard to find out HOW to use these new features.... sure they told me it is possible now, but no where can I see HOW.... every day I am thankful that I have the extra time available to do the homework. can't they make it easier to find the new features they roll out??
  2. Wow, but I can't do it while I'm IN the note.... it may be difficult to see specifically which note we are deleting, amongst similar looking notes this way.... That seems just wrong. And why should it take me so long to find this...? thank you for your help Mr. Grumpy, much appreciated.
  3. I'm a two year evernote user, and pissed that I can't even see how to delete a note after upgrading to the new version. REally, a big waste of my time here, to find a most basic operation. Please can we make it simpler, and also bring back the snippet view in folders that so many people prefer?????
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