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  1. yes, the issue was WELL resolved, and long ago... all seems well now!
  2. We still NEED this feature. The new layout is great and the photos really help me to see my notes quicker, with less brain stress. BUT, i absolutely need to select which photo. I even hid a numeric spreadsheet .jpg within a chart so that evernote would pick the "pretty picture" I inserted as a key photo, to no avail. If we have to use something like largest smallest dimension, then at least give us GRIPS so we can RESIZE the image within the note. I'm sort of sick of this formatting business, and want to get on with the real useful Evernote stuff. please?!?
  3. but HOW do you do it?? and why is it so hard to find out HOW to use these new features.... sure they told me it is possible now, but no where can I see HOW.... every day I am thankful that I have the extra time available to do the homework. can't they make it easier to find the new features they roll out??
  4. Wow, but I can't do it while I'm IN the note.... it may be difficult to see specifically which note we are deleting, amongst similar looking notes this way.... That seems just wrong. And why should it take me so long to find this...? thank you for your help Mr. Grumpy, much appreciated.
  5. I'm a two year evernote user, and pissed that I can't even see how to delete a note after upgrading to the new version. REally, a big waste of my time here, to find a most basic operation. Please can we make it simpler, and also bring back the snippet view in folders that so many people prefer?????
  6. Seriously, I can't even FIND how to DELETE a note in ios7....I'm sure I'll figure it out, but I've been searching, looking at videos, get started guides, and now the forum and I STILL can't see a garbage icon or delete button to delete my un-needed notes. Seriously, I'm not THAT stupid, and I've been and EN user a couple of years now. Yes, I resent even having to ask this.
  7. Never mind, they showed up on their own accord. At their own pace. 5th time lucky. Now, when I checked on my iphone, it did say no notes found (like it had before), but then it indicated it was downloading the notes. On my ipad, they have also miraculously appeared, (previous searches had returned no results, but now I can find them by search). Funny though, I wouldn't have found the folders in my folder view without some luck.... Conincidentally, my folders fit on one screen, but two shared folders are only revealed by swiping to the second page, which I never would have found. That once happened to me on the redesign of the ios version which had me almost in tears of frustration when not being able to find the search window while out shopping (at the liquor store of all things... I just wanted to buy the same whine!).... Eventually swiped down once later that day to find it by chance....
  8. I have a few folders shared by a partner where I can edit, add notes to the folders, and everything, here on my mac desktop Evernote. However, even though I am well synced on my ipad, I can't see them, their notes or stacks, anywhere on my ios devices (ipad and iphone). What am I missing?
  9. Really, MY cut and paste never worked. I just went back to 3.0.6 in complete frustration. Please call me when everything works properly and spare me the confusing updates that remove a basic functionality like cut and paste. MOST of what I do is cut and paste from my other documents or web documents to my safekeeping memory places. Without it - useless.
  10. thanks Grumpy. It took a while to get back enough versions to get over the cut and paste problem, and you'll have to sync from the bottom up each time. still, I'm happier with a version that works. I've gone back to 3.0.6 and it seems to work. That's a LOT of versions released WITHOUT our basic cut and paste working. Not acceptable!
  11. NOthing is working for me in the cut and paste department, rendering my experience rather useless. I am mac. and severely frustrated.
  12. I've had problems cutting and pasting intermittently for a long time, but now I have wasted half a day trying to trouble shoot this. I like to use snagit to make image or web captures because it's quick and versatile. Evernote web clipper is great, if you want to start a new note for every image! Maybe I want a document with several images?? Hello? I have tried every which way today to get a document with text and an image (Mac or web based). If I start with an evernote image capture, I can paste my text in, but will not see it! I have had NO success pasting in a small .jpg from snagit or anything else today. It's getting to be a deal breaker. After bragging about it for a year, suddenly, I'm feeling quite betrayed. I opened up the updated ios mobile app in a store the other day and wanted to refer to a note. Three times I opened it up, zoomed around, and not once did I find the small search field hidden up at the top of the notes. Why would that have been concealed and so tricky to find if you didn't already know where to look. another disappointment. If I can't cut and paste, and make quick notes and instructions for my stuff, why bother at all?
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