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  1. I too am having this issue; search syntax on iOS containing "-tag:tagname" yields 0 results.
  2. Hi Jer thanks for the quick response. I too have more than 200 (430) photos synced to my iPhone. The work around does work for me also. Thank you for pointing that out.
  3. I too am having this issue. Except, now, after the update yesterday the app simply crashes instead of showing an empty result page. I tried to submit a bug report via evernote.com using my phone and that failed.
  4. I'm not sure if this intended behavior or not but after upgrading to version 3.0 skitch no longer allows me to select an image stored in my camera roll. It only allows me to select a photo from the photo albums I've synced from iTunes. It does not have access to my camera roll or photostream. I've checked in restrictions and "photos" is allowed. anyone else running into this? I've performed a hard reset of my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, not sure what else to do from here except google for this issue and I haven't come across anything yet.
  5. Did want to at provide a minor update to my statement above: 1. Steve over at Handstylus has been very good with customer service. I have not regretted my choice to purchase the HandStylus and support him in his efforts. I did receive a defective tip right out of the box and he quickly responded to my email, late at night, to inform me he was rushing me a pack of 6 replacement tips. And he did exactly what he said. 2. Inside the Handstylus' case was a pointer that I failed to heed and it states something to the effect that because the HandStylus has a 4mm tip it requires more pressure than other larger styli. So one must find the sweet spot as they say. So I did some testing. I do now have better results and better consistency with recognition. But, the amount of pressure I have to put on the tip does not seem natural. I'm still adjusting. Just wanted to add the above update
  6. I have owned and used the following: Pogo Stylus Bamboo Stylus Kensington Stylus Adinot Jot Stylus Hand Stylus The Bambo is my favorite. But I agree, the tip, while 6mm, is too squishy. The Hand Stylus is my second favorite, however, the current problem I have with it is that the stroke or touch of the stylus tip is not always detected by the iPad; I've tried various nibs (tips) from different replacement packs. It can be frustrating to have words that are not legible because many characters are incomplete due to the stylus stroke cutting out mid-character. Navigating the iPad outside of Penultimate confirms this is a stylus or nib problem. I never have any issues with the bamboo. Every stroke is recognized, all the time no matter what app. The problem I have the Adinot is that its hard plastic touching the iPad screen. While it's not scratching or damaging the screen, it produces a loud clicking sound I find really annoying. Also, there is no clip on it. So, there's that. The Hand stylus would be the stylus that meets all my needs and wants in a stylus, except the part that is most important - recognition. It falls a little short there. I'm trying to tough through this issue. but I don't see it improving.
  7. Ok. I was hooked. I wanted to know more about the largest smallest. Wow. That is the way it is currently done, for some reason, unknown to me. I suppose when the all photos are the same dimension it defaults to the most recent or the last one added? I think a simple, "Make key photo" option would be better.
  8. All platforms Allow the user, after uploading a note with multiple photos, a way to control which photo is used in the thumbnail to visually represent the note. Please and thanks! Andy
  9. It's been a while since I inquired about the above... My apologies; I forgot. I am happy to report Mac Spotlight searches within Evernote Notes at this time. Cheers!
  10. I forced spotlight to reindex both the /Users/[username]/Library/Evernote directory and the /Users/[username]/Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote directory. No change. I still can not search and find content within any recent evernote notes.
  11. Update: Operating under the assumption perhaps Spotlight is no longer indexing the newly hidden /User/Library folder I performed a search for content of Mail messages, spotlight is returning messages that I've received today. It appears that Spotlight is indexing the /User/Library folder. I'm going to try to force Spotlight to reindex the Evernote directory under /User/Library/
  12. From what I can tell spotlight indexing is not occurring. I'm curious if the newly hidden ~/Library folder in Lion is causing any indexing anomalies?
  13. How would I find out if not everything is indexed? Not everything being everything on my mac or not everything as in not everything in Evernote? I will attempt to determine how I would go about answering that question. But, for the time being, assume the answer is yes, its possible.
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