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  1. Hello! Is it just me, or is there no way to enter geo coordinates of locations into the new web interface? I even can't access the coordinates I have entered in the old version? Bye Marcus
  2. This is exactly why I canceled my subscription more then a year ago. :-( The only thing that keeps me using Evernote is the posibility to add geolocations to notes... without that, I would have changed a long time ago! Fact is: Evernote does not care about their customers.
  3. Hi! Was the last update realy in august? Or do I miss something? Bye
  4. Hi! How may I find this rival product? Bye Marcus
  5. Hi! It works now! Thank you very much! But I hope you understand, I'm not excited after having this bug for 9 month around... Bye Marcus
  6. Hello! What's about the bug in Chrome? It's now 9 month old. Others get a child in that time, you doesn't fix a bug! First you took away the old web interface, what was my only way to work under linux. The web interface is now buggy for a long time. That's why I decided to stop being premium. I would go premium again, when the web interface works well again for me in favorite browser! But instead to make your customer happy again, you ignored all complains of me and others! No, you limit my access to two devices. That doesn't makes me happy again! No web interface under chrome, no client on my desktop (because of apps an tablet and phone). The things you do are telling me only one thing: Your customer isn't important to you! It doesn't matter to you, if your customer is a happy one. Bye Marcus (aka Tiggr)
  7. Hi! I still have this problem in Google Chrome Version 51.0.2704.63 (64-bit). Is there any news? Your bring the new feature of using Google Drive to Chrome, the new editor... but this is no use without seeing the list of my notes! Bye Tiggr
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