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Request: Drag to reorder bullets



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Anybody else wish this feature existed?

Bullet and outlines are a frequent topic in this forum. Evernote has made significant improvements in both over the past couple years.

I try to keep my notes limited to single individual topics with a well-structured title.

If I needed to create a bulleted list and reorder the sequence, I would use existing 3rd party software, such as WorkFlowy.com.

And I could import the reordered list into Evernote.

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Reordering lists


I have used different ways to keeping lists of things that need to be done and I'm fairly new to Evernote. It seems to do a lot of what I want but I need to prioritise lists easily and be able to update that ordering as things occur. JBenson2 suggested using other software to do that, but taking it back and forward is not a good option.


In word processors it is possible to re-order lists and to have sub-points move with the main point and to promote or demote items.


Drag is one option, but having toolbar arrows to move, promote and demote items works quite nicely on word processors I've used.


If I could do this in evernote I am likely to become a "heavy-user" :)

If not I might abandon it, but then again it is sort of useful.

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YES! I the first thing I do once I've taken my hat and coat off in the morning is open a check list in Springpad and manually order today's jobs. That's all I use Springpad for - the rest of the time I use EN.


Bizarre but true!

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it's now such an intuitive thing to drag and re-order that i only found out that evernote couldn't do it by intuitively trying to do it.

my opinion is that having this ability will open evernote to a whole new GTD crowd. 


as a long time tinkerer but new dedicated user i've committed myself to the evernote ecosystem. for now, that single item of reordering tasks by dragging, is a sorely and significant missing item.


check it off your list and do it, evernote, do it.

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As a pastor I use Evernote during the week to anotate in a list all my ideas, copy links, information from books, Bible verses, etc for my sermon. It is very useful. But when the time comes to prepare the sermon, reordering the information is not easy. 

To have the ability to reorder items in the list would be great.

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Oh! I just noticed a workaround:


Hit the 'Notify Me' button, which looks like an Alarm Clock). Ta da! You now have a new Reminders list, which is re-arrangeable and tick-off-able. 


I think Mac OS's Reminders is superior to this in that re-arrangeable, tick-able lists work in and transfer to iOS (EN does not); but OTOH, EN wins in terms of the amount of stuff (attachments, lengthy notes, etc) that can be added. 





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This seems like such an easy feature to add to both the web and Windows versions. Reordering lists as priority changes are crucial to my system. Having to copy out of EN into a text editor (notepad++ for me) just so I can CTRL+SHIFT a row up and down and then having to copy it back so that I can view the changes on my other devices leaves me at risk of losing my changes. I copy out, reorder and forget to copy back. 


For me, checkboxes don't work. If I'm done with a ToDo, I want it out of my view. CTRL+SHIFT+D should delete the current row in the list. If I'm scanning down through my list and I see items that need to be done before the one at the top of the list, I want to be able to move them to the top. Clicking on that line or highlighting any part of any line and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+UP should move the selected rows up one row, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+UP should move it up all the way. Alternatively, you could drag and drop them.

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