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  1. Thanks, Another question. Can you put a stack into another stack and if so, how? I'm looking at them and not seeing how to do that. Thanks again.
  2. How do you limit your search to only look in a specific stack?
  3. I would like to be able to exclude certain notebooks from the All Notes view. I would like to view most of the notes but exclude a few of the notebooks. Thanks.
  4. Please give us the ability to reorder lists via drag and drop and let them keep their indenting and formatting. I love this product but hate it when I have to update a todo list or any kind of list. I'm a premium user and it is well worth the price but I would really like to see this feature. If a comparable note manager came along with this ability I would take a long hard look at switching. Thank you. Dave.
  5. I would definitely like to have the capability to reorder lists with drag and drop. It would be my top request.
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