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  1. It would be great to have a list of my reminders for today as the notification center widget. Any plans for that?
  2. More general for the app itself, but I typically get better responses here. I can repost in general if you want
  3. It doesn't appear that you can set the reminder order via applescript, which means there's really no way to create a reminder via applescript. You can set the date, but that doesn't turn the note into a reminder. Any work arounds or plans to fix this? Greg
  4. I'd like to be able to send an email like: "pay bill !today" and have a reminder created for today. I know that !tomorrow works, but it'd be great to have !today as well. In addition, it would be nice to have !5:00pm create a reminder for today at 5pm. Are either of these on the roadmap? Greg
  5. New bug in 5.0.3 Here's the script to reproduce. tell application "Evernote" set _tag to tag named "_today" end tell Back to 5.0.1... again
  6. If you need a beta tester let me know. The sooner this is fixed, the better. I'm struggling with my typical workflow a little right now.
  7. Here's the log: 12/4/12 10:11:16.965 AM Evernote[35533]: An exception was thrown during execution of an NSScriptCommand... 12/4/12 10:11:16.965 AM Evernote[35533]: Error while returning the result of a script command: the result object... ( "<ENTagMO: 0x33cd7a0> (entity: ENTag; id: 0x33c2330 <x-coredata://7B46DEE0-AFA6-4AEB-BAF4-7E188FC69496/ENTag/p17> ; data: {\n active = 1;\n attributes = (\n \"0xaef76a0 <x-coredata://7B46DEE0-AFA6-4AEB-BAF4-7E188FC69496/ENAttribute/p33748>\"\n );\n children = (\n );\n dirty = 0;\n expungeOnSync = 0;\n guid = \"b06e863b-daad-40d9-9c20-d30903dce02e\";\n name = glg;\n noteCount = 112;\n notebook = nil;\n notes = \"<relationship fault: 0xae054c0 'notes'>\";\n parent = \"0xaee3120 <x-coredata://7B46DEE0-AFA6-4AEB-BAF4-7E188FC69496/ENTag/p7>\";\n updateSequenceNumber = 8169;\n})", "<ENTagMO: 0xaefaf30> (entity: ENTag; id: 0xaec61b0 <x-coredata://7B46DEE0-AFA6-4AEB-BAF4-7E188FC69496/ENTag/p40> ; data: {\n active = 1;\n attributes = (\n \"0xae11480 <x-coredata://7B46DEE0-AFA6-4AEB-BAF4-7E188FC69496/ENAttribute/p33757>\"\n );\n children = (\n );\n dirty = 0;\n expungeOnSync = 0;\n guid = \"cfa2c74b-ba80-4bd6-8831-930836cf8478\";\n name = \"_today\";\n noteCount = 50;\n notebook = nil;\n notes = \"<relationship fault: 0xae11640 'notes'>\";\n parent = nil;\n updateSequenceNumber = 17994;\n})" ) ...could not be converted to an Apple event descriptor of type 'list of tag'. Element 0 could not be converted to an Apple event descriptor of type 'tag'. This instance of the class 'ENTagMO' returned nil when sent -objectSpecifier (is it not overridden?) and there is no coercible type declared for the scripting class 'tag'.
  8. I'm having some issues with my applescripts (posted in separate topic). How can I rollback to 5.0.1?
  9. I just updated to 5.0.2 and now my applescripts stopped working. Here's an example of how to reproduce the error: tell application "Evernote" set sel to selection repeat with _note in sel set _tags to tags of _note end repeat end tell I get this error: error "Evernote got an error: AppleEvent handler failed." number -10000
  10. It would be nice if the mac desktop would act like the iphone/ipad so that when you are viewing a specific tag and you create a note, that note gets the currently selected tags. It's very annoying to be viewing a tag on the mac and then when I create a new note, it resets my search and doesn't pre-tag the note. This is a really bad user experience and needs to be fixed. Greg
  11. I use spotlight and alfred to open notes in Evernote a lot, but I find it very annoying that it automatically searches my search term when I open the note. It would be great if there was a way to disable that and just open the note without auto-search.
  12. I create a lot of lists in evernote and it would be great to be able to easily drag and drop bullets to reorder them. Anybody else wish this feature existed?
  13. Thank you for the checkmarks acting like bullets, this is huge for me!
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