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  1. Not quite what you want but, is this helpful? * Alfred *can* search in Evernote. I use the paid version but the freemium might work for you. You just invoke Alfred with a shortcut (just like Spotlight), type 'ENS" followed by what you're looking for. [I assume that Alfred uses the same macOS under-the-hood magic that Spotlight uses. Don't really understand why Alfred but not Spotlight can use it] * You *can* also invoke an Evernote-only search. Look in Evernote > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Search in Evernote. I have ⌃⇧S, maybe this is the default. This is imperfect because you might not know if your Note is in Evernote or elsewhere.
  2. Thank you so much for trying to help me out here...I'm afraid I'm missing something. I'm not sure if I'm not doing what I should be with your script or if there's something funny about my MBP's set up. I have: 1. Amalgamated your suggestions like this VVV (and attached). The files compiles and runs. √ # # DTlow script to change list of form '1Password.app' # to 'file:///1password.app' but display'1Password.app' # for use in e-notes to link to specfic apps to speed up # multi-app, step-b-step instructions, etc. # # https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118491-bulk-addition-of-text-with-local-links/ # set theApps to (list folder (choose folder) without invisibles) set theHTML to "" repeat with theApp in theApps if length of theApp > 4 and text -4 thru -1 of theApp = ".app" then set theHTML to theHTML & "<div><a href=\"file:///applications/" & my APPHTML(theApp) & "\">" & text 1 thru -5 of theApp & "</a></div>" end if end repeat tell application "Evernote" set theNote to item 1 of (get selection) --- Get User's Permission to Overwrite Note --- ##JMTX Add set noteTitle to title of theNote display dialog "Do you want to replace this Note with the App Link List?: " & return & noteTitle ¬ with title ¬ "Add HyperLinks to All Apps in Evernote Note" with icon stop set HTML content of theNote to theHTML end tell on APPHTML(theApp) -- Replace spaces with %20 set theAppHTML to "" set theAppChars to every character of theApp repeat with theAppChar in theAppChars if theAppChar as text = " " then set theAppChar to "%20" set theAppHTML to theAppHTML & theAppChar end repeat return theAppHTML end APPHTML 2. I get to select the file (.txt file created in TextEdit, attached below) I'm prompted to pick a file but it's gray and can't be selected. It doesn't seem to be peculiar to .txt files (they're all gray). And if I use alternative Applescript ... tell application "Finder" files of folder (choose folder) -- Finder file objects name of files of folder (choose folder) -- names of files end tell or just the first line of your code... set theApps to (list folder (choose folder) without invisibles) ...there's no change: grayness. Do you have any idea what I'm getting wrong please? DTLow-test.scpt applicationList2.txt
  3. I'm not great with Applescript but can usually follow/adapt other peoples, if that's an offer DTLow!
  4. Background I often find that I end up doing things on my mac that only need doing two or three times a year - just long enough for me to forget what to do! So I got into the habit of writing notes with local links to the apps that I need to use - for example Open Terminal then do....XYZ [The text 'Terminal' has the link: file:///applications/terminal.app. I can tap it and open Terminal without breaking into a sweat]. 1. Then I thought it would be easier to create a text document list of ALL my apps. in Terminal... cd /applications ls > applicationList.txt Which gives my text list.... 1Password.app Acorn-5.app Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.app Alfred 3.app Amazon Music.app etc 2. ...then use BBEdit to fill the spaces in some of the app names... # links don't like spaces Find " " Replace "%20" Now I have 1Password.app Acorn-5.app Adobe%20Acrobat Reader DC.app Alfred 3.app Amazon Music.app etc 3. ...and (also in BBEdit) append 'file:///'... # append file address to each (partial) app path Find "^" Replace "file:///applications/" ...to all the app names... This leaves me with... file:///1Password.app file:///Acorn-5.app file:///Adobe%20Acrobat%20Reader%20DC.app file:///Alfred%203.app file:///Amazon%20Music.app etc 4. before pasting into Evernote .The pasted text gives me the tappable local links that I want but they are ugly and big. So here's the question: Is there a way for me to grep up the app names in BBEdit so that I can paste them all into Evernote in one go? So that I end up with e.g., the text '1Password' has the link 'file:///1Password.app'. Just for emphasis - I know this can be achieved by manually ⌘K/link editing each app name and putting the path in but I assume that there's some format for achieving this in a single line.
  5. Good to know George, thanks - Running Applescript with Automator Services usually works fine for me but - irrespective of the missing Evernote shortcut - it's quite fiddly. FastScripts seems much more efficient. I'm convinced!
  6. Thanks for the tip, DTLow - I'm set up on FastScripts now
  7. I'm struggling to get George's applescript to work with a shortcut in Evernote - can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please? 1. The applescript works, when it's run in the Applescript Editor. 2. I've put the applescript in an Automator service with 'Service receives No Imput in All Applications.' 3. The Automator service has a shortcut set. 4. Evernote, Automator and Finder are green lit in Security & Privacy > Accessibility 5. If I look at the available Services in Evernote, I see the Service in the dropdown list but not the shortcut. The service runs if I select it from the list but the shortcut fails. (see pictures). Obviously using the shortcut when in Evernote is the best place. 6. If I look at the available Services in Finder, I see the Service in the dropdown list and the shortcut. The applescript runs both by selection in the list and by the shortcut. So it's as though Evernote is happy about running the script but dislikes the shortcut.
  8. Thanks DTLow - Yes, I sometimes link subnotes to a master/overview note (which can have its own Reminder Date); and using the COPY NOTE LINK ⌃ ⌥ ⌘ C shortcut on the target note cuts out some of the mousing which helps. Though often I have heaps of really brief todos (phone someone at a particular time, book rail ticket between two dates, etc) so this is quite an arduous solution for stuff like that. Also, maybe just me but I find a notebook full of To Do notes mixed up with, say, reference/info notes, my own notes, slightly overwhelming and need to manually check to make sure I'm on top of things. The notes can only be sequenced by Date, Alphabetic order of Title, not by Reminder Date. So it takes me more than a quick glance to realise I'm on track. Or not. I usually keep Notebooks in Stacks, which gives the useful feature of viewing all the Notes with that have Reminder Dates; and these can be dragged around and ticked off when complete. BUT, I've found the feature to be unreliable: some notes with Reminder Dates do not show up in this view. I've sometimes hacked it back into shape by deleting and reseting the Reminder Date; sometimes this has not worked and I've had to copy the contents of the bad note into a brand new note and reset the Reminder Date. There's been an update since this happened and things have been ok. Maybe that's fixed it. But that aside, I probably need to get into the habit of keeping separate notebooks for Project ToDos and Project Information and have the master note linked all in one stack. That would do most of the stuff that I want Cheers,
  9. Just a quick qualification - Nevikk (June 14). We can already have multiple reminders for one Notebook, because each note gets one reminder. I think that you mean multiple reminders in each Note...? I would find multiple reminders in each Note really useful too because most of my projects have a final submission date but are broken down into steps, usually as a check list. I could have a fresh note for each todo but that stop me from having a clear view of the whole project on the single overview note that I use. I often end up changing the overview note's reminder date for each step that I complete and keep the final submission date in the overview note's title so that I don't forget it.
  10. I'm using Mac OS's Reminders app. Every Monday it pops up and contains the 'Public Link' to the EN that I need to check on.
  11. Thanks very much everyone - I hadn't thought of that one. I guess that keeping Dropbox out of my User folder might be problematic on shared machines or on managed machines because it would give others access to whatever's in your Dropbox folder - tho' that doesn't apply to me and I think that's the solution I'll run with. I sometimes check things on Dropbox via iOS but it's really unusual and I don't mind foregoing that facility. Cheers,
  12. Does anyone have any good tips for me please? I use two macs (work & home) that are synced by Dropbox. I also use Evernote/Notes as a kind landing strip for projects and like to add 'file://' to the path to create links, e.g,. '/Users/work/Dropbox/untitled.txt' becomes 'file:///Users/work/Dropbox/untitled.txt'. This takes me from Evernote/Notes to the Dropbox file/folder. Great. But if I hit the link from home, the path is wrong (it's needs to be 'file:///Users/home/Dropbox/untitled.txt'). I know that I can replace the root directory with a tilde. So this means I could reformat the links that I use so that they use which ever machine I'm working on - this is what I want to achieve. But when I use the form 'file:///~/home/Dropbox/untitled.txt' from Evernote, the link doesn't work. Beyond changing my root directory names to match, can anyone suggest a way to achieve a single link format that works on both macs pls?
  13. Oh! I just noticed a workaround: Hit the 'Notify Me' button, which looks like an Alarm Clock). Ta da! You now have a new Reminders list, which is re-arrangeable and tick-off-able. I think Mac OS's Reminders is superior to this in that re-arrangeable, tick-able lists work in and transfer to iOS (EN does not); but OTOH, EN wins in terms of the amount of stuff (attachments, lengthy notes, etc) that can be added.
  14. YES! I the first thing I do once I've taken my hat and coat off in the morning is open a check list in Springpad and manually order today's jobs. That's all I use Springpad for - the rest of the time I use EN. Bizarre but true!
  15. Thanks - I'll probably use this (if I can remember it) but I'm not sure it's really any quicker than my current work around. I concur that it's crying out for the standard corner drag feature.
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