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HELP: How to search for notebook titles with spaces?



I've just started using advanced searches with Evernote, and most of my notebooks have spaces in the name of the notebook (e.g. "Camner's Notebook."

If I do an advanced search with "notebook: Camner's Notebook" as soon as I type the space I can see that Evernote (Mac) is searching within the notebook "Camner's" (which doesn't exist) for text containing "Notebook". This is obviously not what I want.

Is there a way to escape the space so that Evernote will recognize the entire string as the name of the notebook? (Yes, I know I can change the name of the notebook, but I'm wondering if there is a straightforward way to do this).

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To avoid typing the quotation marks, I put a dash between words. This works for notebooks, stacks, and tags.

I try to keep the number of notebooks to a minimum. They are all one word (Personal, Bills, Leisure, Politics, Tasks). So this is not much of an issue for my notebooks. My default notebook is Actions-Pending.

If I have a stack of notebooks, I'll toss in the dash for the Stack description (Stack-Legal)

I do have a lot of tags, so the dash becomes much more powerful.

It is easier and faster for me to type tag:Hewlett-Packard instead of tag:"Hewlett Packard"

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Another good reason to avoid spaces in evernote notebook names is that searching for them using the notebook:"My Special Notebook" syntax does not work on mobile devices (reproduced on android and windows phone 8 apps). Ideally, this bug should be fixed in the mobile apps, but avoiding spaces in notebook names is a useful workaround that will prevent the bug from showing up.


Limiting a search by a notebook name with spaces will usually return zero search results. (presumably the app looks for a notebook with name of whatever text appears before the first space. In my case this notebook does not exist, but results will vary depending on what you call your notebooks).



Update: reported as bug to evernote on Aug 22nd 2014. 


Update 2: evernote have responded to bug report saying that they will take no further action as solutions can be found in support pages and/or forums!? I've searched, but still believe this to be a fault in the mobile apps which needs fixing at source. If anyone can correct me, please do! 

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