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  1. No, I think I have given a correct evaluation of the situation, so I don't really expect a reply unless evernote is ever updated to enable user control of the default attachment view.
  2. Unfortunately it is not as simple as this. If you follow spg SCOTT's instructions (Tools -> Options -> Note tab -> Always show PDF documents as attachments), right clicking to un-check "View as Attachment" is not possible, as "view as attachment" is greyed out. Is there some means of defaulting to "view as attachment" that I am not aware of?
  3. This is helpful if you want to always show PDF docuemnts as attachments, but is not the same as defaulting to view as an attachment (where user could elect to show an individual pdf as embedded view). Is there any way to default to showing as attachment whilst still allowing user to over-ride the default behaviour in e.g. the context menu, so that individual pdfs could be selected to show in full embedded view?
  4. Resizing on an external tool is OK if you don't mind losing image quality. The ENML method stores the image at full resolution whilst displaying a smaller representation of the image. You can then still copy and paste the full resolution image elsewhere.
  5. And for those of us who use non mac evernote, we can edit the dimensions manually with ENML editor (http://enml-editor.ping13.net/) OK - a bit of a dirty hack, but it will have to do until the day that non-mac versions get the same enhancements.
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