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  1. This is a very helpful distinction. Thanks! I see that, but I don't understand why things work this way. If I right-click on a note in the "All Notes" pane and select "Open note in new tab," I'm expecting the NOTE to open in a new tab (because that's what the context menu says!), not to have a new LIST of notes open in a new tab, with the note I selected in the right hand pane. This is helpful! It isn't entirely intuitive the way this works, but now that I know the drill, I can use it. (I suspect what is happening here is that I have set the system to open windows in new tabs, so when I select "Open as New Windows" Evernote is following the system setting. Just for curiosity, if I did NOT have the system set this way, would there be any way to get multiple notes in a tabbed window other than using Window > Merge All Windows? Thanks again for your help.
  2. I understand it should be possible to open multiple notes in different tabs in the Mac desktop client (I'm running 7.5.2 and High Sierra)...I've seen screenshots in this forum to that effect. I'm having trouble getting this to happen in a reasonable way. There are two ways I can open multiple notes in tabs: By selecting multiple notes in the All Notes pane, right clicking and selecting "Open Notes in New Tabs"; this works, but the tabs are entitled "All Notes" rather than with the title of the notes I opened (see screenshot attached). I can't think of any situation where this is useful By selecting multiple notes in the All Notes pane, right clicking, and selecting "Open Notes in New Windows"; this works and is more useful, because it opens a new window with tabs for each selected note, appropriately titled. There doesn't seem to be a way to do what I really want to do, which is to have a note open and then be able to open a second (or third...) note in that same window but in a new tab. Can that be done?
  3. I've just started using multiple notebooks, and I wonder if there is a shortcut or other method to add a new note to a specific notebook that is NOT the default notebook? Or is the only way to get a note into a different notebook is to create it and then move it?
  4. In version 5, Evernote formatted the "updated" column in list view as mm/dd/yy. In version 6, I'm seeing the full date in the form "Friday, December 3, 2014 at 7:56pm" which takes a LOT of room. I can't seem to find a setting or preference to change this. Am I missing something or am I stuck?
  5. Were any of the much touted "Text accessibility experts" over 50? Or does the tech world assume that once we hit our half-century mark we have 1 step in the grave and from there we don't have to see ANYthing well.....
  6. I have to echo this! There's been a lot written about how the Yosemite "minimalist" look is really difficult for the prebyopic crowd. Tech folks are often young, but won't always be that way! (And there are LOTS of us boomers who will look for alternatives if we can't configure our devices and software so we can actually see what we're looking at!) Come on, Evernote, give us the opportunity in preferences to thicken up the lines!
  7. Well, an odd things happened....I finally installed the Firefox extension after the Chrome and Safari ones didn't work. Then all three worked after the FF install. Go figure! (I also opened the options up from the Chrome extension not via clicking on the toolbar but by opening Chrome extensions...didn't change a thing, just looked, but perhaps that did it)
  8. I've been unable to get the EN web clipper to work. I click on the icon, absolutely nothing happens. I've read some other forum posts about this, but most folks seemed to have little problem after v 6.0.3. Anything to try (and yes, I have stopped/started Safari)? And I tried in Chrome, too. Same problem. Nothing happens when I click the little elephant! Thanks!
  9. I have EN set to sync every 5 minutes. I created a new notebook several days ago and have added/edited/deleted notes in this new notebook as well as added new tags for use with notes in this new notebook. I went to EN today on the web, on my iPhone, and on a different computer, and the new notebook was not there on any of these three. To get it to show up, I had to go to the originating computer (the one where I created the new notebook) and manually click "sync." Then the new notebook appeared everywhere. If EN is set to sync every 5 minutes and I used the new notebook over a 3 day period for a total of several hours, shouldn't that have synced automatically so that the new notebook appeared on line and then synced with the other locations?
  10. I've just started using advanced searches with Evernote, and most of my notebooks have spaces in the name of the notebook (e.g. "Camner's Notebook." If I do an advanced search with "notebook: Camner's Notebook" as soon as I type the space I can see that Evernote (Mac) is searching within the notebook "Camner's" (which doesn't exist) for text containing "Notebook". This is obviously not what I want. Is there a way to escape the space so that Evernote will recognize the entire string as the name of the notebook? (Yes, I know I can change the name of the notebook, but I'm wondering if there is a straightforward way to do this).
  11. Thanks very much for your quick replies and explanation.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. Why not open up a small popup window rather than creating an "iFrame"? Wouldn't that work just as well for Evernote and then also work for 1Password?
  13. I'm trying to use 1Password together with the "Clip to Evernote" bookmarklet feature in Safari, and I'm running into a problem. This video (http://screencast.com/t/VwvesRrNqxp) shows the issue pretty clearly. 1Password can't know that I want to present the log in credentials for Evernote because the "underlying URL" of the page Safari is on tells 1Password that I'm looking for the underlying page's login credentials rather than Evernote's. I posted this in the 1Password forum (at http://forum.agile.ws/index.php?/topic/ ... pid__16745) and they suggested I post in here, since they seem to feel that this is caused by the nature of the Evernote "Clip to Evernote" bookmarklet rather than a 1Password issue. Any help would be appreciated--thanks much
  14. FWI, the problem persists with Evernote 1.6.0 (though the release notes indicate something about the "clipper" issue being addressed). Evernote 1.6.0 moved the "elephant stampede" to the very far right of the Safari toolbar. I'm speculating (and it's only that!) that it has something to do with the way Evernote loads the custom icon. Other software that add toolbar icons don't seem to have this happen.
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