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  1. Thanks, both for moving my post to the Mac Request forum, and for reminding me that one can map key combinations for specific apps. I did that, and am a happier camper.
  2. Most, but not all, Mac apps use Command-F to initiate a search. Evernote has chosen Option-Command-F for some unknown reason. It's an extra mental step to have to remember that Evernote uses a different key combination. Is there a way to change the key combination from Option-Command-F to Option-Command-F?
  3. Yes, it is still there. I had not known that before. Thanks much for the tip! (But I still wonder why the URL disappeared from the note header in so many (but not all) of my web clippings...
  4. In earlier versions of Evernote, notes created via the Evernote Clipper always had the URL reference at the top of the note. Now, in version 10, that URL is missing from many of my notes. Some of my clipped notes have Clip Source: at the top, but a majority of my clipped notes do not, so the URL is no longer part of the note, as far as I can tell. I did finally see that in the release notes to 10.4.3, one can add a URL column in the All Notes view, but that is not at all convenient on smaller screens. What happened to the URL reference on so many notes? Is there a way to get it back, or am I SOL?
  5. This is a very helpful distinction. Thanks! I see that, but I don't understand why things work this way. If I right-click on a note in the "All Notes" pane and select "Open note in new tab," I'm expecting the NOTE to open in a new tab (because that's what the context menu says!), not to have a new LIST of notes open in a new tab, with the note I selected in the right hand pane. This is helpful! It isn't entirely intuitive the way this works, but now that I know the drill, I can use it. (I suspect what is happening here is that I have set the system to open windows in new tabs, so when I select "Open as New Windows" Evernote is following the system setting. Just for curiosity, if I did NOT have the system set this way, would there be any way to get multiple notes in a tabbed window other than using Window > Merge All Windows? Thanks again for your help.
  6. I understand it should be possible to open multiple notes in different tabs in the Mac desktop client (I'm running 7.5.2 and High Sierra)...I've seen screenshots in this forum to that effect. I'm having trouble getting this to happen in a reasonable way. There are two ways I can open multiple notes in tabs: By selecting multiple notes in the All Notes pane, right clicking and selecting "Open Notes in New Tabs"; this works, but the tabs are entitled "All Notes" rather than with the title of the notes I opened (see screenshot attached). I can't think of any situation where this is useful By selecting multiple notes in the All Notes pane, right clicking, and selecting "Open Notes in New Windows"; this works and is more useful, because it opens a new window with tabs for each selected note, appropriately titled. There doesn't seem to be a way to do what I really want to do, which is to have a note open and then be able to open a second (or third...) note in that same window but in a new tab. Can that be done?
  7. I've just started using multiple notebooks, and I wonder if there is a shortcut or other method to add a new note to a specific notebook that is NOT the default notebook? Or is the only way to get a note into a different notebook is to create it and then move it?
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