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Joshua Zerkel

productivity Non-GTD methodologies in Evernote

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GTD is, for many, the current productivity methodology of choice for many of you. But as with all things, it's not the right fit for everyone. There are a host of other methodologies (Pomodoro, FranklinCovey, Action Method, etc.) out there as well that work better for some people.

So I'm wondering this: if you use a productivity methodology other than GTD, which one do you use, and how do you incorporate Evernote into making it work for you?

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Until Evernote releases the Due Date column, I have a simple no-name system that keeps me alerted to future stuff.

1.) For me, everything revolves around the created date field which I modify to the Due Date..

I also structure my titles to begin with the due date as a double check safeguard..

2.) I have a note with a large obnoxious picture (more noticeable) which is scheduled for the evening of today. It effectively separates past activities from future activities. Every morning, I change it to the current evening. I have a link on the favorite bar that takes me to this note with one click.

So by hitting the favorite bar link, I am positioned between yesterday and tomorrow.

Anything above this note is stuff that will happen in the future.

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I am similar to jb.

I name everything with YYMMDD + keywords. I use "index notes" with note links in them to achieve "manual sorting." And, I rely pretty heavily on advanced searches (saved, of course). I don't use notebooks or tags.


Is it an alternative to GTD? I don't know about that. It certainly isn't fine-grained enough for some people's lives, but it works well for me :)

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I tag my notes with due date then that day I pull up those notes and quickly change them to a/b/c tasks

I have shortcuts for my a b c tags and don't look at the b tags until the a tags are done.

Works awesome for me.

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