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  1. Correct me if I am wrong here GM because i hope there is an easier way I am missing... in this case she needs to upload a contract into the program we need to use online she goes to the shared notebook, downloads it to her computer and goes to the 3rd party program then uploads. In my scenario she goes straight to the 3rd party program and just uploads it from dropbox, saves a step. And when you need to do that step 30 times a week it adds up
  2. GM yes Cloudhq will for sure. I can think of a reason, if i wanted to share files that needed to be uploaded into other programs with team members or assistants this would allow me to keep everything in Evernote, but make it automatic that it uploaded to dropbox. that way when my assistant need to upload a pdf contract into another online program, like sometimes needs to be done for me, she would be able to easily do it. She cannot as easily do it if it is in evernote and she needs to first download the pdf to her computer, then upload it to the program. Make sense?
  3. You guys really need to start exploring ifttt more. You can with that, I don't have this one set but there is a setup for it http://ifttt.com/recipes/40405 Edit....Oh wait that may only be for shared links let me keep looking
  4. Joshua that is great advice, i have eliminated my 4 tools I used use for my real estate transactions and have moved them all to one tool, amazing how much time that saves.
  5. Sorry your experience was poor grant, mine has typically been much better. My support tickets are usually answered within a couple hours as long as it is during normal business hours.
  6. And Daniel did not say this, but I will say it for him, if you really want to use Evernote for GTD get his book. It is grossly underpriced and a manual for exactly how to set up the system
  7. So often I need to add a new row into a table. Is there a way for me to do that on the iPad app?
  8. What I do is run two stacks Real Estate and Z-Closed In the Real Estate I will have notebooks such as B-Smith B-Thompson S-Harris S-Jones S-Nichols The Buyers all get the B prefix and the Sellers all get the S to keep them grouped and in order. THen when they close I move them from the Real Estate to the Z-Closed stack Dean Ouellette Evernote for Realtors DeanOuellette.com
  9. The searchable PDF makes the 45/yr price a bargain
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