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(Archived) change Evernote outgoing email settings?

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Is there a way for me to send the evernote emails as plain text with attachments? or just drop any attachments and files, and only send the plain text in an Evernote emailed note?

Here's the situation I'm in - Evernote is not yet an acceptable todo manager. It is fantastic, though, for all my notes, ideas, and drafts. Now that I've completely moved away from Outlook, I need a way to convert notes to todo's, and vice-versa.

I am using Toodledo and the Todo.app on my iphone for todo lists. I can easily email a todo into evernote. However, becuase evernote sends my notes embedded in HTML with Evernote headers and links, it is useless to send evernote notes to toodledo at this point. the note section is completely unreadable.

Can I turn off HTML for notes sent? If not, please consider providing this in an update soon. flexibility in web services like Evernote is a MUST, since it cannot operate as an all-in-one PIM.

Thank you

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I, too, am very much supportive of this. I often copy/paste the text to e-mail it rather than going through Evernote just because it really strikes me as senseless that everything has to be wrapped in a lime green Evernote advertisement.

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I realize this is an older topic, but YES...Evernote should rethink the format of the e-mail.

I send my customers pdf pricesheets using evernote from my iPhone and some can't find the attachment at all, or get confused by the html (which puts the filename.pdf in the title) and they can't figure out what to click on to get the attachment.

I would suggest not doing a rich/html e-mail but have your website information as a signature line.

Again, I preach evernote, but have received criticism from my clients about this...

But I can't live without my Evernote (I love it so much)

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