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  1. ok, thank you. so now for the tough one.... .amr audio files. the iphone can play these back when they are attached to an email. will the evernote client allow playback in the same way? if the answer is a solid yes, or will be a solid yes, I'm signing up for premium.
  2. ok, thank you. so now for the tough one.... .amr audio files. the iphone can play these back when they are attached to an email. will the evernote client allow playback in the same way?
  3. Hi guys, If I decide to upgrade to premium, and I attach a file to a note, will that file be usable by my iphone as long as it is a supported format? For example: If i have an important meeting recorded in .mp3, and i add that file to a new note, will i be able to play back that file? If i attach a word document, will that be viewable on my iphone just like pdf's? Thanks!
  4. OT, i know, but, This is the biggest reason i have jailbroken my iphone - UI improvements. I have my app screens sorted by categories, and a link to each category is on the first screen. to find whatever i want, i just top the home button, then tap the category. Easy. Another major UI enhancement that comes with jailbreaking is the 5-icon dock. 5 icons actually fit very well. All this can be done with items in the Cydia app.
  5. Sounds like you're not doing anything wrong, but may be a bug in the Evernote Mac client. If you have a sample of one of these PDFs that you wouldn't mind sharing with us privately so we can try to reproduce the problem that would be great! Thanks, Which email address should I email the pdf to? Also, the only copy I currently have is inside of evernote. Should I export the whole note and send to you, or just a copy of the pdf? Thanks again.
  6. I imported 3 pdfs that were scanned and OCR'd by Adobe Acrobat Pro. when I search for text in evernote, it does not search the pdf's. However, from inside of evernote, if a highlight the text in the pdf, i can copy and paste it to another app. So i know for sure that the text is embedded in the PDF, and that the words I am searching for are present. What's going on with this? I understand that evernote can't currently anylize characters in a pdf, but one that has already been OCR'd and embedded with text has GOT to be searchable.... what am i doing wrong?
  7. sorry to see you go brussels, but i understand where you are coming from. I have avoided trying the toodledo/notebook solution just because I really want evernote to work as my solution. I'm hanging on for a while, because i do love the value in the other features, that dave listed above, and there is serious potential here. Sometimes though, you have to realize whats really important, and simplify. If there isn't progress made in full synchronization for the iphone, i might just have to simplify.
  8. Here, Here, brussels. Can somebody OTHER than the evernote staff weigh in on how well the IMAP access is working on the iphone? Once again, I seriously hope this is a temporary solution to off-line notebook management. This all needs to be integrated into the application.
  9. I too think this is the way it SHOULD work. but it doesn't. currently, the only way to get what you want is to tag each note with the specific tag AND the parent tag. then save a search that includes the parent tag, and any of the child tags. This is very tedious and seriously needs to be improved.
  10. Heather, 1. The benefit is to keep evernote from displaying sensetive information ON YOUR MONITOR without you aproving it first. 2. This has nothing to do with encryption. we are not talking about stopping a hacker from copying files. we are talking about stopping someone from viewing your private info just by clicking on the evernote icon. Stop thinking encryption. no more encryption is needed. 3. yes, passworded notebooks can be searched if the notebooks are not encrypted. I am talking about a simple pin or password matching scheme. for example: - I search for the word "plasma" - the search finds that the word plasma matches notes in some Protected, and some Unprotected notebooks, since NONE of the notebooks are encrypted. - a dialog pops up asking "include private notes in search results?" - I select yes. then i have to enter a pin. the software matches the pin to the one listed with the protected notebook/books. - all search results are displayed. - if i had selected no, only unprotected search results would have been displayed. This sort of privacy mask has been implemented on MANY kinds of software, and web services. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with encryption. Another benefit to implementing this as simple password or pin-matching scheme - the pin that needs to be matched can be synced across platforms, and on the web service. Meaning you have some simple privacy in place, wheather you are using Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, or the web.
  11. I too really need a full notebook password or simple pin feature. I don't understand why this security thing has to be an all or nothing discussion. To me it seems like this feature is more about simple discretion than about actually encrypting a database. The current encryption scheme is just fine for truly senserive snippets of info, like a note with a social security number in it. But this just doesn't cut it for people who need completely searchable notes, and just don't want just anyone to glance at the computer screen and see sensetive notes. Example: I use evernote for work and family and personal ideas. If I'm at work and want to use evernote during a presentation, what happens when I open it? It display all notes from all notebooks showing the newest notes first. That means that very personal letter I was drafting a to a sick family member is now visible to a whole boardroom full of people. Example 2: a collegue comes to my desk asking about a project i searxh evernote for a keyword. that keyword happens to show up in some personal notes. It seems obvious to me why we need a simple level of security on specific groups of notes, ESP. since no evernote clients support multiple accounts which would be another way to keep people from seeing things you would prefer tobkeep to yourself. Please reconsider this feature. If encrypting a full notebook database simply makes this unrealistic, then skip the encryption, and just match a password or pin before displaying any notes or including notes on search results (including the note title) when they are in a protected notebook.
  12. Is this feasible? In working on my evernote organization, I've created some tags called "Important" and "reviewed" and "completed". My thought is to create a saved search called "items to review" which would contain notes tagged "Important" but NOT tagged "reviewed" or "completed". I thought of many other uses for this combination of conditional searching and tags. Thanks in advance!
  13. +1 on this. I mentioned it in another thread as well. My reason for wanting the advertisements removed, is that the html it generates gets in the way when emailing notes to be imported by another program, like toodledo.
  14. Evernote Staff: Please please please work to improve the tedium involved in added multiple tags to a new note. If you are absolutely determined that tag inheritance is not needed, despite the requests of many of your (willing-to-be) paying customers, at least consider adding a "copy tags, paste tags" feature. If I add a new note, and 4 tags apply to it, then at least i can copy and paste the tags from a similar note, with 2 actions, instead of the absolutely RIDICULOUS 4x drag-and-drop or 4x typing-enter actions. I will state again, I'm willing to pay for the evernote premium service, even though I don't currently use the bandwidth that requires it. I believe in supporting companies that look for ways to help their customers. I will be a paying customer as soon as, and only when tag management is VASTLY improved, and when I can sync Entire notebooks to my iphone.
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