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  1. You can select multiple tags, just press Ctrl whilst clicking on the tags!
  2. I couldn't agree more. Although I also agree with Crane that it wouldn't solve the problem of not being able to automatically clip to a particular tag... now, if they introduced both features... I'm a tag gal myself but I do think these are the two main flaws in tags: lack of true tag hierarchy & not being able to preselect a tag (or tags, ideally) to assign to the notes you create. These features would make Evernote an awful lot more intuitive for everyone to use, and would go some way towards placating the subfolder crowd. I don't think you'd even have to change the current behaviour
  3. You're right, it's not me that needs to understand, it's the developers, but I'm here having this discussion and they're not. Hopefully, though, they'll read this, and they might change their minds if you can present a persuasive argument. I was trying to help clarify what it is about the subnotebook metaphor that you think works better than tabs, in the assumption that if you can convince those of us who don't get it, you can probably convince the developers too. Call it playing devil's advocate if you like! It seems from what the developers have said so far that they don't get it either, so
  4. Actually, not everyone is arguing for sub-notebooks; I don't really see the point when we have a perfectly good method of organisation in the form of tags! I've tried very hard to understand why you all seem to want subnotebooks and I haven't really seen a pursuasive argument yet that made it clear why subnotebooks would be better than the existing methods of organising notes. The only advantage I can see to using notebooks as the main means of organising things is that you can work "within" one notebook and have all your notes made during that session go to that notebook. If a similar feature
  5. I don't really understand this "tags are for taxonomy, not organisation" argument. What's the point of taxonomy if not for organisation?! Why on earth would you spend time categorising data if it weren't for the purpose of organising it? It only takes a very subtle shift in thinking to use tags in virtually the same way one might use sub-notebooks or folders. And tags offer many advantages such as being able to add multiple tags to an item, to search for a specific combination of tags, more finely-grained categorisation etc. I agree that the current functionality of tags could be improved, esp
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