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  1. ah ok, it needs to be at the end of the subject line, not just anywhere within it
  2. I'm using the web interface, and the books/tags exist. most odd
  3. I've been trying to use this feature but I can't seem to get it to work either from a exchange email account or from gmail. The notes arrive ok but in the default Notebook with the "@...." in the title. The same goes for tags - the "#..." doesn't seem to get processed. I've been careful to use the correct names and capitalisations. Is this a paid-account-only feature? thanks
  4. OK I spoke too soon - when I said it was working I was at home on Wifi - duh! On 3G I still get truncated notes :-(
  5. Same here. I use it mostly for reference/reminders on the move
  6. OK yes, if you : 1. Export the notebook (with tags) 2. Delete the notebook from Evernote 3. Delete any now redundant Tags 4. Synchronize so that it's gone from the cloud/everywhere. 5. Import the old notebook then the act of importing re-creates the Tags (although any previous Tag nesting hierarchy is gone - not really a problem) which is what I was wondering. so this achieves what I need it to. I still think it would be nice to be able to online-archive to the online Evernote account rather than rely on having the exported file stuck in a single location, but you're right this does what I need it to do, thanks.
  7. Thanks I hadn't considered that option. If I do that, then delete the Notebook from my account, and also delete any no-longer used Tags, when I later import the Notebook will the necessary tags get recreated, or will the tags on the notes be lost because I deleted the tags. (I hope that makes sense...)
  8. I can see there are a few references to GTD on this forum (although the search feature here won't accept 3-letter search terms so hard to be sure how much) so I thought I'd suggest we collect those discussions here. My current position : I like Evernote as the core of GTD. I think I'm resigned to having to manually transfer certain things to a calendar for reminders (eg manually paste in to a GCal or Outlook item) so accepting that I think it's pretty much there - it's all about how you manage your Tags and/or notebooks and/or note attributes. For me: My top 2 Tags in my list are : * ** "*" is basically my "Next Action" tag. Selecting that tag shows me all my next actions - if I have All Notebooks selected I get the lot, otherwise I have a Notebook per major activity (Currently One each for a couple of work roles, another for a large programm of sub-projects I'm working on - if I want only NAs for one of those sub projects for example, I just Ctrl-Click on the tag for that sub-project too, so I have * and selected and I see just that/those NA. "**" is just an action - something that I want to tag as needing acting upon later - if something changes from Action to Next Action I just need to remove one of the * symbols in the tag field for that note - neat. (NB I'm tpying with using the "Contains finished to-do, contains unfinished to-do items attributes for this too - but they are a bit clumsy to get to so I'm trying this for now) I have created a "Tickler" tag, with 43 sub-tags (so I can collapse the view in the Desktop client) - I may not use these though - the Tickler concept seems (to me) as an old-fashioned way around what any computer- or online-based Calendar will now do so I may just manually drop things in to either Outlook (I have to use Outlook for some of my work roles) or GCal (I have Outlook and GCal synced so if anyone automates a way to throw notes in to an appointment on either let me know ) So : Notebook per major role, Tag for major sub-projects, * and ** tags for NAs and Future Actions, and the usual gamut of context tags. Plus I have lots of technical and procedural tags which are specific to some things I do (eg to easiy find all teh notes/emails-turned-in-to-notes on certain technical topics) Lets hear your experiences or ideas.
  9. ok thinking about this further I suppose we'd need to tie the Notebook with a group of notebook-specific tags so that archiving or unarchiving affects it all together. So I think I am suggesting: i - Notebook specific tags : for each notebook the ability to set up a group or nested collection of tags that will only be applicable to that notebook (For me this would be great - many of my projects have very project-specific content that I would want to tag - eg technical info or delivery phases. Once the project is done then the tags, and many of the notes, while nice to have for future reference are no longer 'current' and I don't need to be able to see them) ii - Archive - set a notebook (and it's notebook-specific tags) to 'archive' status. I'm not sure where the best place to store this is - in the computer client ? Not everyone would be using one, so probably online. An archived notebook would not be visible in the mobile client (maybe a tab or option to show a list of you specifically want to?). Ability to restore to current status, at which point if the notebook used to publish and/or sync then this was enabled again too, and the archived tags associated become available again too. If it's not clear to others, the reason i suggest this is that otherwise as I delver projects I am left with an increasingly long list of Tags which were specific to old, delivered projects
  10. OK, from my own use over the last week or 2 I have some ideas - be interested to hear if anyone else would find them useful. 1. 'Archive' an old Notebook My role has be managing lots of different projects, and sometimes programmes. When these activities are current, I want access to my notes all the time, so a programme is a synchronized notebook, with each project within it getting its own tag. When the programme or large project ends I'd like to be able to mark it as archived, so that I have my store of notes should I ever revisit the project or if similar work comes up again, but I'd like it to not appear in my main interface (on any client) 2. 'Archive' old tags In the scenario above I may have had a whole tree of tags that were very project specific - I'd like to be able to archive those for the same reason : get them out of the interface but not break the associations if I need to un-archive the associated notes
  11. . . . of the notes that are tagged with the sub-tags? That would make sense to me.
  12. I used update on the iPhone itself (not itunes in case that makes a difference)
  13. 1.5 fixed everything for me (O2 UK) - I now see full notes and pictures
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