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(Archived) HOWTO: How can another people delete notes in a shared notebook?

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I've shared several notebooks with other persons. One person must delete a note sometimes but unfortunately the person can't delete notes in the shared notebook even if the note has been created by that person. The only person that can delete notes is myself.

Can somebody help please?



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I actually feel that this should be a granular permission - like "share with modify/edit", "share with modify/edit/delete".

There are some pretty scary repercussions currently when users share with modify access and another user deletes things, doesn't check their activity stream to notice that deletion, and then empties their trash in their "daily cleanup". The note is gone forever, and there's nothing we can do to retrieve it on our end, and the "sharer" didn't necessarily realize that they were giving full access to deletion of their super important content to other people.

So, we're treading very very carefully on the issue of the delete button.

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