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  1. Hey, I would like to move some information from BibDesk to evernote. I would like to realize the follwing workflow: - based on the cite key of an entries in Bibdesk a new note should be created in evernote with the same name as the cite key - copy a minimal BibTeX record to this note - copy the content of the annote field Could this be done with AppleScript or in some other way? I would be very happy if we could find an approach to this question :/ Thank you in advance! Christian
  2. Deleting notes when not being the owner should be a feature, that could give the owner to other users he/she shares the notes with.
  3. Hey, on my mac with en 3.1.0 I have an issue when including pdf files (more than 1 page) to a note. If I would like to see the pdf _not_ as an attachment (shown as icon) it always shows _all_ the pages of the pdf. I would like to have an option to see the first page of the pdf and then click through it or open it in a viewer. I think, this is possible in the Windows version... Is there a way to do so with en for Mac? Thank you in advance Christian
  4. Any news on setting the default author for the mac version?
  5. Hey, I shared a notebook with a colleague. How could I track changes, made by the colleague? The notebook is not public, it is only shared between me and the colleague. Thank you in advance Christian
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