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Any Knitters out there using Evernote?

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Hi there,

I'm an avid knitter and designer and have a dilemma whether I should use Evernote for my knitting related stuff in its entirety.

Here is my current set up and I would love some input on how you guys use it. I have 3 things going on and I really want to reduce and reorganize.

1. Ravelry

2. Evernote

3. Dropbox

So, if you're a knitter, you know Ravelry. Here is what I use Ravelry for:

1. I keep my needle inventory

2. I keep my yarn inventory

3. I keep my finished projects

5. I keep my published designs


1. I clip fashion insiprations

2. Contracts with Publishers

3. I also teach and keep my class notes here


1. I keep any documents like proposals, photos, pdf, excel worksheet that keeps tracks on what proposals I have sent and if they have been accepted or rejected.

Not sure, but I think that Dropbox can be replaced by Evernote huh?

Would love to hear you guys's thoughts on how you would organize using stacks or tags or just naming the title in a special way.


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I obviously use Evernote for my knitting. While I like to use Ravelry, I mostly use it for the forums and pattern searching. I have spent a lot of time organizing Evernote exactly how I want to keep my knitting. I don't inventory my yarn and I don't create patterns, so I dont use Ravelry for that. I do put my current projects in Ravelry because I like sharing my projects with other people and I like how easy it is to store yarn information. I do put finished pictures of patterns in both Ravelry and in Evernote. I also have a way that I like to organize my needles that is different from how Rav organizes them. Not better, just different.

I tried Dropbox, but honestly, with Evernote and Ravelry, I couldn't find a way to fit it into my system.

As far as organizing, I don't like tags, but I love organizing things by title and in stacks. My current system (which has evolved since the Evernote blog post) has a knitting folder containing four stacks:

  • Knitting General
  • Knitting Ideas
  • Knitting Patterns
  • Knitting Techniques

Notes in each stack are "clumped" together by title (Bag: PatternTitle, Scarf: PatternTitle, Toy: PatternTitle). Then I have a note in my Pattern folder with a note link to each pattern I am currently working on (I view by name and it's titled, "!--Current Projects" so it's right at the top). Then I don't have to search through each pattern to remember what my current project is currently named. I love note links! I have them all over the place.

Your system sounds like it's exactly what you need and that you could probably stop using Dropbox. I used Evernote well before I knew about Ravelry, so you could reduce to one program if you wanted, but I think each serves it's own purpose. One thing that pushes Evernote out a little in my mind is that if the server is ever down or the company disappears, I still have everything sync'd with a local computer and my information won't be lost.

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My wife is an avid knitter and it struck me that I could set her up on EN and use the GTD Secret Weapon setup to collate all her knitting and sewing patterns, ideas/designs, inspirations etc...

I am going to get her up and running this week and will report back, I would appreciate your feedback.

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I use EN to some extent for recipes and knitting. I use the free version. What is the limit of storage space in the free version? I'm thinking of really getting all of my knitting in one place. How much does it cost to have more space? Thanks and so glad to see knitters here.

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You are limited to 25MB per note for the free account and 60 MB total upload allowance per month. You can upload your monthly limit by upgrading to a premium subscription for $5 per month or $45 per year.

You have unlimited amounts of space for notebooks that are local (that means they're not uploaded to the cloud). I've heard that people will reach their monthly limits and then hold off until the next month to sync it to the cloud.

I have a premium account and haven't been able to reach my limit yet. And I like to collect patterns and scan in my children's artworks and school info. I also keep mostly high quality PDFs of the finished projects I create for my job as a graphic designer.

Glad to have you here. Have you heard about our Evernote Knit-Along? You can learn more about it here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/09/24/announcing-the-first-evernote-knit-along/

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Uh-oh...after reading this thread I think my "knitting" notebook in Evernote is about to become a notebook stack with subsections like the ones that Jenni mentioned.  


I am also an Evernote Premium user and have saved a lot of patterns and also instructional videos in Evernote and still come no where near hitting my monthly limit.  I am also a teacher by profession and store lots of pages and files and things for school in EN as well. 


In addition to the notes capacity, I kind of look at Evernote as a "Pinterest for my eyes only"...unless of course I choose to share files from Evernote which I often do.  I do also use dropbox, but mostly for school related files.  It seems like I am using it less and less lately though as my comfort level and expertise with Evernote grows.

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Jenni Lathrop, just wanted to drop a note to say I love your site.  I just started picking up knitting again after several years not doing any.  I never did learn how to read a pattern and when I starting searching the net, I came across your blog...then did a bit of Happy Dance when I realized you are also an Evernote user!  Yay! :D

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