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  1. I am so glad someone posted a link to the old version. I feel that the "lack of priority" for this issue is due to Evernote assuming that the majority of Evernote users don't use Evernote like we do. Though we are a small group who'd use Evernote to store bulk scanned files, I want to download the attachments so I can rename them to something better than a serial number. I guess most people don't work that way and hence "We'll get to it in the next release". However, I am still also a paying customer.
  2. In case anyone is interested, Evernote Support wrote back to me and said that they are aware of the issue and closed the ticket and asked me keep a watch out for the next upgrade. They don't have a timeline for this. Thanks.
  3. Again, my apologies. I thought that thread was about database size and SSD hard drives (I didn't have time to read all of it and how it led to csv files not saving.... was just careless in reading). Anyway, I hope they fix this problem soon.
  4. sorry about that misnomer. I didn't know. I will open a ticket.
  5. Well, maybe most people don't save stuff like you and I do Stephen, but this is DEFINITELY BROKEN. I've spent way too much time trying to install reinstall resync etc..... Jefito, since you're a guru shepard for evernote, would you please look into this simple function that stopped working?
  6. Hi, after the upgrade a few days ago, I now cannot save attachments to my hard drive by right clicking a note in the list in the middle column (I have mine set up as links, note list, note preview). It goes through the motions like it is going to save it but when you go to the folder and check, it's not there. So, now it's like if I want to download the attachment to say rename it or something, I have to open it first and save it from Adobe. Anyone else have that problem? Should I re install?
  7. In the windows version, when you delete a tag, they ask you if you want to just delete the main tag and keep the sub tags or delete the main tag AND all the sub tags. Deleting the main tag and choosing delete sub tags work in Windows but not on the Mac. I didn't know where else to post this. Thanks.
  8. I 100% agree with the OP. I use evernote on both my mac and pc, but for the pc, it's sooooo irritating how you have to find the little hover over to find the arrow to go to the next page.
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