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  1. Thanks to all who replied to this comment. I did finally figure out and fix the issue. The search does NOT work in the web version of Evernote, but will work in the android, window or mac version with no trouble.
  2. Trying to figure out how to use a pen/stylus with evernote on my windows 10 2 in 1 laptop.  I have the Lenovo Yoga 700.  Love it, but really want to be able to use a pen to write and or annotate existing notes.  

  3. I recently bought the Lenovo yoga 700 and really like it. One of the things I would like to be able to do with it is also take handwritten notes in my evernote account but I can't figure out how to make that work. When I start a new note in android (either on my phone or android tablet) handwriting is an option but not when I use the windows version or the evernote touch version (from the windows app store). Is there a way to use handwriting with Evernote for windows? Lenovo suggested I download their "write it" app which I did and it SUCKS!!! Only used it about 10 minutes and then uninstalled. Anyone have any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  4. I agree, multiple reminders is needed! Currently I have to use Google Keep for multiple reminders, but I'd happily use EN if that functionality existed.
  5. no I'm just a premium subscriber so apparently not much of a priority
  6. Don't know how to find that info you are asking for, but it's a saved search I have had set up for a couple years after reading an Evernote blog post. It's set up to pull up ALL notes I have either created or edited on a particular day. Works great on every platform except Evernote Web.
  7. I really like Evernote web and that is the version I use most of the time since I do most of my work on my chromebook. I do have an android phone and tablet and use those versions as well and have been a premium subscriber for 3 years now. What I DO NOT LIKE about Evernote web is that my saved searches to do not work. I have one saved search called "traceys daily review" that was set up to allow me to review any notes I added or edited in Evernote on the current day. It simply does not work in the web version. I downloaded the regular android version to my chromebook, but it's almost impossible to read so I went back to the web client instead. Please consider fixing this! Thanks.
  8. Google Keep also allows repeating reminders if you use android. Very basic and simple but I use it for reminders on things like "take out trash" so I don't miss trash day or things like that.
  9. Thanks! I don't use mac, but do often use the web version on my chromebook. I just found it and realized I had less than I thought I did at only 1424. But that number will be changing as I am researching how to add some IFTTT recipes to automatically send some things to EN for me. Thanks again!
  10. Here is an artlcle I read today that helped me streamline my tags and notebooks with Evernote. http://www.noraconrad.com/blog/evernoteresourcelibrary The bottom line, is how everyone uses tags and notebooks in EN is a little different. Read and try the suggestions you've been given here and know that you'll likely end up tweaking them some to fit your particular needs. How my notebooks and tags are set up are different from yours and that's part of what makes this program so flexible is it's ability to adapt to wide variety of users.
  11. I have an android phone and use google keep for this sort of task. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Evernote, but it's lack of this feature left me searching and Google Keep is very simple and easy to use. I think someone mentioned that apple also has a tasks feature on the iphone if you're on that platform. Keep is pretty simple and basic compared to evernote, but if all you need is a reminder, you don' t need anything fancy.
  12. Just curious, want to know how many total notes I have in Evernote. I've been using it for over 5 years, the last 3 as a premium member. I know I found this info once before, but for the life of me can't find it now and searching the knowledge base only told me the limits, not how to find out what I actually have. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  13. Very unhappy that my saved search does NOT work in the web client. I do most of my work on a Toshiba Chromebook which I love as it is fast and light compared to a full sized laptop. However my saved search shows up in my options in Evernote web client, but DOES NOT WORK. Yet it works on my android phone, tablet, or ipad or my windows laptop at work. I thought the goal with Evernote web was to make a fully functional version of the software that can be used ANYWHERE? Please address and resolve this issue ASAP. I just renewed my Premium membership and am starting to wish I had not done so.
  14. It is super easy to fall in to the trap of trying to use too many programs or apps to manage your productivity. I know this because I have fallen victim to it in the past. I am a teacher and trying to be a fore-runner in my school at working paperless as much as possible and I have finally come up with the workflow that works for me...your results may vary. These days I use a much more streamlined approach made up of the following programs: EVERNOTE- used for professional and personal. I use EN for lesson planning, collecting lesson ideas, professional development ideas, misc education related stuff and the list goes on and on. On the personal front I use it to track my household bills, finanancial planning, household info, recipes, crafting (avid crocheter with LOTS of patterns and such), health info for my family and my animals, vehicle info and the list goes on and on. I use Evernote's "webclipper" to quickly save things I have read on the web that I want to review later like recipes, crochet patterns or tutorials I want to review further or lesson ideas. I became a premium Evernote user last year and don't see how I ever lived with out it! WUNDERLIST- my daily to do list manager and also where I keep my grocery shopping lists. Easy to add to and easy to share with family members. At present I still have the "free" wunderlist account but see myself upgrading to premium user VERY soon. DROPBOX- Online filing cabinet extraordinaire! I have saved all word, excel, powerpoint files to my dropbox and it's great to be able to access lesson plans written at home at school in seconds. See below though, as I'm slowly migrating this to Google Drive. GOOGLE CALENDAR - No explanation needed...no better cross platform calendar out there. I can access it on my iphone, android tablet, macbook or pc laptop. I NO LONGER OWN a paper planner. GOOGLE DRIVE / GOOGLE DOCS- as an educator, my school district is moving like many heavily into google apps and I am now using them for my personal use as well. Eventually I see Google Drive replacing my Dropbox account, but for now I still have a drop box but trying NOT to add any new files to it unless necessary. All of my photos now automatically back up to Google photos and are stored privately until I choose to share them. POCKET- Pocket is my own personal digital "to be read" list. It seems like I am constantly seeing interesting articles online when scanning my Facebook, Twitter or Google plus feeds, but don't have the time at that particular moment to read them in full. Rather than miss out or have to print them or email them...I use Pokcet to "clip" them to my pocket reading list. Then, when I have a few minutes to spare waiting for a meeting or class to start or something of that nature I can pull up my pocket list and read some of the things I "saved for later". From Pocket I can share to my social media feeds if I want, email to a friend or colleague or just delete the article after I read it, or archive it in Pocket for later use. To get to this list of apps I have tried probably EVERY "To Do" list, and calendar app out there. But what I found was that I kept coming back to these few apps and I finally realized that was what worked best for me. To get your "ideal mix" you will need to spend some time thinking and planning out what is most important to you to organize. Then, compare that against what you are currently using. Which of the applications / programs that you are using WORK WELL for you? Keep those. Where are your GAPS where you currently have NOTHING? That is where you will need to find the right application. Before dumping everything full force into any one productivity app, read reviews from others and even ask your friends and colleagues what they like and use. Eventually you'll find your "ideal mix" if you keep your head in the game and don't let yourself fall in love with the search for the perfect app.
  15. I think Chirmer hit the nail on the hit as to answering your question. Why not have one main notebook and use tags to sort out your information. While Evernote is not the most powerful geneaolgy tool out there, it IS an excellent repository to store the information in the research phase of the process and then you can assimilate it as needed using other programs.
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