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  1. Hopefully someone who knows for sure will see this, but I wonder if that is a link to the old forums which are going away so it just brings you to the default location.
  2. I wonder if this might not be a better topic fit with the Organization Lifestyle Forum?
  3. That is brilliant and so simple... I can't believe I never thought about that! I've always shied away from including the user's manuals with new purchases because I the thought of sitting down and scanning that all in was not a good one (I don't have a document scanner, just a flatbed scanner).
  4. I tried NaNoWriMo last year (and failed because of poor planning). But I still have my book folder in EN with characters, plot, etc. I should move the writing there as well. It was pretty terrible and i was quite proud of what I had so far!
  5. I'm always trying to find ways to make my Evernote organization better. I have about a dozen main notebooks and a lot of stacks. I've also taken to naming conventions to keep things organized (i.e. "Patterns," "Techniques" and "General") but I'm not loving that format (things are still tricky to find!) and I think there has to be better ways. What are ways you have found to keep track of your life—especially your crafty life—in Evernote? How do you use tags, notebooks, stacks, titles and/or body copy to find easily keep and find what you need at your fingertips?
  6. I'm curious... one of my biggest challenges has been figuring out how to fit tagging into my crafty projects/notebooks (How do I keep from having a million different tags?). Do you also use tags or simply rely on the note copy for finding things?
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