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  1. Thanks for posting. We're aware of this issue and are working on it. Do you need me to send in a support ticket? (Sounds like not, but I'm just making sure!)
  2. I updated to on Monday. Since then, every time I sync (manually or automatically) I get the warning, Synchronization complete Sync failed due to unexpected problem at server side It appears to be syncing fine (notes are available on my other devices) but I get that notification every time.
  3. Yay, lock screen widget! So excited! It works ALMOST perfect. I'm having some trouble with the quick reminder, though. If I: Click on the Reminder iconType in the reminderClick "OK"It works fine. I can change the date after the reminder has been created while still in the lock screen widget. If I: Click on the Reminder iconType in the reminderChange the date/time of the reminderClick "OK"The reminder disappears forever as if it was never created. I'm using a Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2.
  4. It's listed as Food, not Evernote Food, does that help?
  5. Some people like tags, but I'm a notebook user. If this were me, I would have a notebook stack called "Research Project1" In that, I would have notebooks for "Ford" and "Chevy." Then I would use titling conventions to keep things organized (the 'Ford" tag added here, too). So, for example, in the Ford folder I might have "CEO: Bio" and "CEO: Salary History." You could do something similar for the Models. If this were me, I would keep the titles simple ("Mustang: Mileage" with the tags of "Ford" and "Model."). If you want them to be in a specific order, then just title the notes with numbers. So "01-CEO: Bio" and "02-Total Sales" Numbers and special characters do a great job of forcing order (this is the same technique I use for folders on my desktop computers). I know you could use tags and people have very detailed ways to use tags for organization. I prever a visual hierarchy myself.
  6. Here is a walk-through on Android: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23260131
  7. Did you select the specific notebooks to make them offline (not just setting up offline search)? This is an additional step that you need to do on a notebook-by-notebook basis. To test this, I just put my Android phone in Airplane mode and checked a PDF in an offline notebook and a non-offline notebook (I have offline searching off). The offline PDF opened just fine, the other did not.
  8. Under View > Sidebar Options you can choose to show or not show anything in the sidebar. So if you are not interested in Recent Notes, Shortcuts, Atlas, Trunk, etc., you can hide them.
  9. You are limited to 25MB per note for the free account and 60 MB total upload allowance per month. You can upload your monthly limit by upgrading to a premium subscription for $5 per month or $45 per year. You have unlimited amounts of space for notebooks that are local (that means they're not uploaded to the cloud). I've heard that people will reach their monthly limits and then hold off until the next month to sync it to the cloud. I have a premium account and haven't been able to reach my limit yet. And I like to collect patterns and scan in my children's artworks and school info. I also keep mostly high quality PDFs of the finished projects I create for my job as a graphic designer. Glad to have you here. Have you heard about our Evernote Knit-Along? You can learn more about it here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/09/24/announcing-the-first-evernote-knit-along/
  10. I don't use the GTD system... what is the Secret Weapon setup?
  11. I do not sew, but those sound like some great organization ideas! Do you include photos of your finished objects? Since I don't sew or use sewing pattern information, I'm curious what the web clipper doesn't bring in to Evernote for you? Though to be honest, while I love Evernote I have found that other apps just work better for some things.
  12. Somehow I missed this post! I have also been thinking I would like to learn to crochet and just don't have the time to take any classes right now. While I learned to knit from a class many years ago, my knitting has improved by leaps and bounds by using Ravelry and YouTube (with Ravelry usually linking to great YouTube videos or posts mentioning techniques that I search for on YouTube). YouTube is like a rabbit hole! Once you find one technique, the list of other "similar videos" on the side provides more and more amazing things! Let me know if you find any videos that you find especially helpful. I'll do the same!
  13. Is a Cricut a cutting machine or a printer? My only experience with a Cricut is with my tiny paper cutter...
  14. Ooo! Those are wonderful! Thank you so much. I usually forget about tags because I don't use them (I prefer stacks and not naming conventions), but this sounds like the perfect way to use them.
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