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(Archived) Email conversations to Evernote

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I was curios if there was a plugin somewhere available that would make it easy to import email/conversations in emails into evernote.

I have some email conversations that are 40 to 50 emails long at least and want to put that entire thing into one evernote note. Is there an easy way to go about doing this?

Would be nice if in thunderbird or outlook or mac mail app to open up an email in conversation mode hit a button and *poof* off to an evernote note it goes.

Anything like this?


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In GMail, I select the option to Print All (printer icon at top of first message).

But I don't print it, just use the Clipper and capture all the email conversations to Evernote as a single note.

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Will that put my entire conversation in one note not multiple notes? Last time I tried it it just put each email in a new note, which is why I was specific in my original post about the entire conversation in one note.

Forward the last email that should contain all the previous messages...

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