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  1. Will that put my entire conversation in one note not multiple notes? Last time I tried it it just put each email in a new note, which is why I was specific in my original post about the entire conversation in one note.
  2. I was curios if there was a plugin somewhere available that would make it easy to import email/conversations in emails into evernote. I have some email conversations that are 40 to 50 emails long at least and want to put that entire thing into one evernote note. Is there an easy way to go about doing this? Would be nice if in thunderbird or outlook or mac mail app to open up an email in conversation mode hit a button and *poof* off to an evernote note it goes. Anything like this? Thanks.
  3. While that is cool it is way overboard for what I need since it is the only app I use that needs this type of feature. if it isn't introduced that is ok, Just thought it could be useful and not some way out there edgecase that had no use inside of evernote.
  4. I insert into evernote a large amount of data that has the same structure so I spend a lot of time copy pasting. I have several "templates" that I use so it would be cool to have a feature where I could define the template and just hit it evertime I need it inserted where my cursor or doing ctrl+t instead of copy+Paste and hoping i didn't copy anything in the meen time.
  5. What about doing like the iPhone and doing the favorites caching on the windows mobile? Granted it isn't the greatest solution, but it could be an inbetween so better than nothing.
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