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Holiday Recipes

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Crossposting myself from the Thanksgiving thread...

Tuna Pate

Shrimp Cocktail

Buttermilk Pie

Evernote is *excellent* for capturing recipes for holiday gatherings.

In fact, my numero uno usage of Evernote has been to keep my uber-collection of recipes under control, and having Evernote on my phone makes those shopping trips so much faster and easier.

Whether it's an old family recipe typed in from memory: http://www.evernote....246c0a23ac1a38d

Or a recipe clipped from the internet, but used so often now it's dog-eared: http://www.evernote....1c2e801f2cf86f2

Evernote has made my holiday feast preparation super easy.

And then, when people ask me for my Buttermilk Pie recipe at the end of a dinner, instead of having to stop everything and find a recipe card, then copy it out, or turn on the printer, etc, I can just send them this:


It's great.

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