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(Archived) Read-it-later on a Kindle, iOS, Android with Evernote

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I've been playing around with various "read-it-later" products, but I think it makes sense for Evernote to extend here... especially in regards to sending notes into the Kindle environment.

Evernote has made a promising first step with the Evernote Clearly plug-in. Would love to see an option when saving to Evernote to flag it with a "reading list" or user-definable tag or filed into a specific notebook.

Any notes defined with that specific tag or notebook would be pushed-synced to Evernote mobile apps - complete with the full content so a web connection isn't necessary when you finally get around to reading it.

Syncing with Kindle Personal Documents:

Alternatively, notes with such a tag could be emailed on either an on-demand ("send it now" button) or automated on a daily/weekly basis to a kindle email address. For web pages, it would leverage the same code as the Evernote Clearly plug in that strips the web page down to the essential content. Alternatively, for regular notes, it could simply send over a PDF file of the note.

Thanks for listening.

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I'm not sure that this has much to do with Clearly. I'm believe that you can sorta do what you want with an offline notebook (that's if the Evernote Android client is being used, and I think that it is). See the Knowledge Base article: https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/2156/Offline-Notebooks-in-Evernote-for-Android.

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Hi Jefito,

That's part of the solution I'm looking for... thanks. However, I'm looking for the ability to send updates of a notebook to the Kindle in a format that Amazon will accept on a daily or on-demand basis to a Kindle device.


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You want to email notes to a device where you already have Evernote installed? Isn't that a bit redundant? Why not just sort by updated date, if that's possible on the device (I am not an Android user (though I'm gunning for a Kindle Fire for XMas :)).

Maybe I'm not understanding what you're asking for, but I don't think that Evernote provides "push-syncing" on any device; it's all pull-syncing from the client.

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Sorry about that -- I seem to be fixated on the Fire (me want).

So no, there is no Evernote app for the non-Fire Kindles, no. If your Kindle supports PDFs, you could go that route. Evernote doesn't support PDF file generation as far as I know, except on the Mac; PDFs can be generated on Windows by printing to a PDF printer driver. How you get them onto your Kindle is another matter altogether.

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From Dave Engberg, CTO of Evernote:

We like the idea of an Evernote client for the Kindle, but there were some bad combinations of technical limitations and business model (e.g. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2011/02/15 ... on-kindle/) that made it a really tough fit for Evernote.

The only Kindle that has an EN app is the Fire. As you probably know, there are methods to modify documents to be Kindle friendly & to transfer to the Kindle (either via your Kindle email address or side loading.) And as Jeff stated, EN doesn't do push syncs on anything, AFAIK.

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Been a while, but seems like it's still not understood what I'm talking about. I'm NOT talking about an APP for non-Fire Kindles (e-ink) - those devices don't even support apps. I'm talking about a server-based services, like Instapaper, where there is NO APP, that sends on a daily basis, a collection of content to the email address for your kindle account. The content is sent in a kindle-friendly format. The kindle downloads the content from Amazon's servers, and it is organized quite nicely for the kindle. This would just simply be a server-side service that Evernote provides that makes this happen. No app on a kindle to worry about.

Thanks for listening - hoping Evernote product team understands and puts it on the roadmap.

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sounds like a useful service, but i think it might be better done through a third party.

as far as i know, evernote has never had push functionality (as mentioned above) like alerts and so forth. since you put the notes into evernote (no automated pull functions either), it seems to me that it is up to you to send the stuff to the kindle. or, convince a third party developer to offer such a service (accessing your account, downloading notes, converting them, and sending them to the kindle).

al of this automation seems a bit outside of evernote's goal: to remember everything.

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You should check out If This Then That (ifttt.com).

Aside from that, some of the non-Fire Kindles do have web browsers (e.g. the Touch) and though there's probably no dedicated Evernote clipping app for those devices, the bookmarklet should work (supposing that it's back up on the Evernote site -- I think it went AWOL a couple of weeks ago).

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greeting rob214, i just ran into this topic. i was looking for same thing when i got my kindle, but soon i found out there's no solution that meets the need. so i wrote app en2ki awhile ago (0.1).

i just noticed today the app was reviewed by addictive tip last week so I made some update (0.2) that allows notebook selection for syncing. in case 0.2 (download) is unstable, try 0.1

for 0.3, i may integrate the app with readitlater api

Note this is a Windows Application where you have to pull the information and send it to kindle. (not that much hassle now with amazon's windows app) I made it windows app for:

1. no web server upkeep/maintenance

2. do you really want some website to hold your login credential? I find it a bit too risky since some users will note sensitive information in evernote.

I don't think Evernote will implement this feature. it will be nice for sure though.

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EN2KI was a great product to do exactly this - transfer Evernote documents to non-Fire Kindles and maintain magazine style reading. Unfortunately, EN changed their API and the product hasn't been updated since Feb 2012. I guess it's a temporary fix, as eventually the e-ink products will disappear and people will use tablets instead - may not be as great for reading, but simpler in terms of single device for all.


I got round this in a less satisfactory way by exporting from Evernote as HTML and then using MobiPocket to build a prc file for Kindle. It ends up as one continuous stream (or you have to repeat the process to create multiple documents) but it does work.

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