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  1. I just installed this beta. I'm running the public release of Yosemite, and I was previously running the Mac App Store 5.5 release of Evernote. This installed fine, and seemed to migrate the database just fine. Not seeing any formatting issues so far - but I've only done a cursory inspection.
  2. Yes, the only major frustration I've had with Evernote is the formatting complexities / inconsistencies. I usually use EN on Mac... and anytime I work with bullets - which is the majority of the time - I often run into issues with break lines, double bullets, etc due to moving around blocks of bullets when reorganizing my brain dump. It's been so bad in the past I've had to take all the text to TextEdit, clean up and the paste back in. Pretty inefficient, and definitely frustrating.
  3. Been a while, but seems like it's still not understood what I'm talking about. I'm NOT talking about an APP for non-Fire Kindles (e-ink) - those devices don't even support apps. I'm talking about a server-based services, like Instapaper, where there is NO APP, that sends on a daily basis, a collection of content to the email address for your kindle account. The content is sent in a kindle-friendly format. The kindle downloads the content from Amazon's servers, and it is organized quite nicely for the kindle. This would just simply be a server-side service that Evernote provides that makes this happen. No app on a kindle to worry about. Thanks for listening - hoping Evernote product team understands and puts it on the roadmap.
  4. On top of just sending updates to the Kindle, it would need to transform the format to a Kindle-friendly format, a la Instapaper.
  5. I'm looking to put something on the Kindle (NOT fire). Evernote doesn't have an app for the Kindle Touch, nor any of the Kindle e-Ink readers, as far as I've been able to find. Is there an Evernote kindle app?
  6. Hi Jefito, That's part of the solution I'm looking for... thanks. However, I'm looking for the ability to send updates of a notebook to the Kindle in a format that Amazon will accept on a daily or on-demand basis to a Kindle device. Rob
  7. I've been playing around with various "read-it-later" products, but I think it makes sense for Evernote to extend here... especially in regards to sending notes into the Kindle environment. Evernote has made a promising first step with the Evernote Clearly plug-in. Would love to see an option when saving to Evernote to flag it with a "reading list" or user-definable tag or filed into a specific notebook. Any notes defined with that specific tag or notebook would be pushed-synced to Evernote mobile apps - complete with the full content so a web connection isn't necessary when you finally get around to reading it. Syncing with Kindle Personal Documents: Alternatively, notes with such a tag could be emailed on either an on-demand ("send it now" button) or automated on a daily/weekly basis to a kindle email address. For web pages, it would leverage the same code as the Evernote Clearly plug in that strips the web page down to the essential content. Alternatively, for regular notes, it could simply send over a PDF file of the note. Thanks for listening.
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